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Kingda Gravel & Sand Pump featured long working life and high reliability is a leading player in this field. we believe that your any gravel & sand pump need could be met here.

What is Gravel & Sand Pump

Gravel & sand Pump

Pumps that are used to pump water and sand or gravel mixture to the recovery system such as sluice box or jig are named gravel & sand pump, Since sand & gravel is a kind of main construction aggregate , such a pump is offen used in making sand and gravel, It is a centrifugal pump with renewable impellers and liner, and in recent years there is also submersible pump used in this field.

Our Featured Gravel & Sand Pump

Product Advantages

The KSG type gravel pump is a cantilever centrifugal pump with a single pump casing, the whole structure is connected by clips belt.
It has the advantages of light weight, good cavitation performance, strong abrasion resistance, wide flow passage, and convenient installation and operation.
It is specially used for continuous conveying of large and strong abrasive materials. While the KSGH type is a high-lift gravel pump.

KSG(H) series Coverage Chart

Key Performance data

Caliber: 100-800mm

Flow Rate: 80-10000m3/H

Head: 5~90

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With more than 70 years of innovation and development, Kingda is now a leading enterprise possessing 100 major categories and about 1000 kinds of advanced slurry pumps, kingda will make all the efforts to offer pumps solutions around the world with unique and unchallenged technologies.

Kingda has the first slurry pump research lab in China and an independent technology center was set up in the factory, focusing on fast product transformation from the latest technology is realized.

Kingda invested over 100 million on the new manufacturing equipment, and now is able to finish the whole pump production from design, casting, manufacturing, to pump testing independently.

Kingda has set up a standard operation procedure for decades for all our team members to strictly carry it out step by step , and the detailed check reports for each working procedure could be witnessed by our partners and end users.

Kingda Staff has been devoted in the industry for decades, rich experience in different industries allow us to quickly find a proper pumping solution to meet various need and work conditions of the end-users.

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