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Kingda offers to the customer a big and specific range of sewage pumps. It’s high-quality at a competitive price. We are famous brand manufacturer of sewage pump.

  • These pumps are free to move dependent particles stay in sewage except attaining overloaded.


  • It is effortless in price.


  • This pump cannot harm because of more force.


  • The operation method will be easy.



What is Kingda sewage pump?

Sewage pump

It is a pump used to transfer sewage liquids and solids from one place to another. It is installed at the lowest point of the sewage basin. It can be automatic, manual, or dual mode. This pump has a special design enabling solids to pass without clogging the pump. There are 3 types of sewage pumps it is effluent pumps, solid handling pumps, and grinder pumps. Sewagepump can be used to prevent flooding damage, reduce the threat of mold and mildew, and reduce the risk of fire. The lifespan of this pump can last up to 7-10 years depending on how to use and maintain it.

Kingda company can produce high-quality sewage pumps for our consumers. We make different kinds of pumps including sewar pump and sewer pump. It is available in cast iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, and other materials. We guarantee that our team of designers and engineers will work with you to provide unmatched support in every production stage. Kingda provides quality. We also sustain a complete record of every sewage pump. If you need more knowledge about our products, please call us.

sewage pump most saleable

high pressure sewage pump

A high-pressure sewage pump is designed or suitable for liquids containing abrasive substances or particles requiring higher heads.

stainless steel sewage pump

Stainless steel sewage pump is suitable for pumping wastewater, sewage, dirty water, effluent and mild chemicals. 

portable sewage pump

A portable sewage pump is a pump that can operate sewage in the bottom of the water, with help of the motor attached in it.

wastewater sewage pump

 A wastewater sewage pump is a patented chopping technology that slices even the most troublesome solids in wastewater.

heavy duty sewage pump

A heavy-duty sewage pump is suitable to handle wastewater with high levels of rags or solids. It can be used in municipal applications.

electric sewage pump

Electric sewage pump has a special design to make it more efficient in delivering sewage with solid particles. It is mainly used in mining.

sewage pumps advantage

Efficient in performance

Sewage pumps use direct pressure to push the liquids. It means these pumps use less power for pumping and are less likely to get prone to cavitation.

low maintenance

As the sewage pump is completely maintained. It is a sign of efficiency and lessens the requirement for repairing especially for overheating.

cost efficient

Sewage pump is smaller in size that’s why it is less costly to install for sewage or wastewater applications as compared to other kinds of pumps.

Easy to use

Sewage pumps are convenient and easy to use because these pumps are free to move dependent particles stay in the sewage except attaining overload.

types of sewage pumps

 There are 3 types of sewage pumps:

  • Effluent pumps

 This is the pump that is frequently used in small site systems. Because these pumps do not have to handle sewage solids, they can pump at higher levels and are more useful than other pumps.

  • Solid handling pumps

This pump is intended to transport raw sewage. Because raw sewage contains a high concentration of solids, this pump only should be used.

  • Grinder pumps

 It is similar to solid handling pumps. This pump differs in that it has rotating blades that grind and cut the solid into small particles.

main application of sewage pump

Sewage pumps transport sewage and untreated wastewater. They are commonly used in municipal wastewater treatment plants, buildings, and private homes. It can also be used in septic systems, sewage pits, and many other residential disposal applications. The most common application for sewage pumps is the installation of a bathroom in the basement. A sewage pump is needed to pump waste and water up and out of the house.

How to maintain your sewage pump

  •  Check always the ground fault.
  • Inspect the pit for silt or debris that might clog the pump impeller.
  • Check the drain line from the pump.
  • Visually inspect all alarm mechanisms.
  • Verify that there is a check valve in place in the drain line above the pump cover.
  • Check to make sure the air gap is in between the interior and exterior discharge pipes.

why choose kingda sewage pump

Kingda can provide various sewage pumps suited to your needs. Our engineers are dedicated to providing professional customer service. Our knowledge of different sewage pumps is not only the advantage we have in the competition. We position a high service on effective customer communications. These communications ensure that the product we offer will operate smoothly from beginning to finish.

parts of a sewage pump


It works like a car battery, providing your pump motor with the necessary energy to reach the critical velocity before switching to another power source. A faulty capacitor, like a faulty battery, will prevent the pump from starting. Overheating is the most common cause of failed capacitors. Start capacitors are designed to stay in the circuit while the motor is starting.

mechanical seal

One of the most important components is mechanical seal, which can help to reduce leakage between the rotating shaft and the stationary pump casing. The seal must contain four functional components.  It is the primary seal face, the secondary seal face, spring, and lastly the motor. The configuration creates a watertight barrier that prevents water from leaking through the motor.


The motor or drive, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, is the next major pump component. The pump’s workhorse is the motor, which drives the fluid and allows it to function. The motor is made up of several components including the rotor, commutator, stator, and windings. The power source provides the electricity that is transferred to the motor via the power cable. The stator is made up of windings and a commutator, which forms electromagnetic poles. The commutator switches these poles, which interact with the rotor and cause it to turn.


An impeller is a rotor used to increase both the pressure and flow of a fluid. There are four components of an impeller: The eye, where the fluid enters. The veins, which push the fluids. The channels, which are the spaces between the veins where the fluid flows and lastly the bore in which the motor shaft attaches. Impellers exist in a variety of types. All impellers are either single or double suction.

kingda is the most reliable manufacturer in terms of different types of sewage pumps

Kingda can fabricate even the most intricate and advanced materials with excellent durability, and extreme accuracy. We are a one-stop-shop solution provider of sewage pumps.


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Bottom FAQ

It is a pump used to transfer sewage liquids and solids from one place to another.

  • Effluent pumps
  • Solid handling pumps
  • Grinder pumps


The parts of sewage pump are capacitor, mechanical seal, impeller and motor.

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