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  • A slurry pump is a form of pump designed for pumping liquid and stable combinations of slurry. Slurry pumps are extensively utilized in a selection of industries, from mining and creation to food processing and environmental engineering.

  • Slurry pumps have some advantages over different kinds of pumps, making them a superb preference for lots programs. one of the fundamental benefits of a slurry pump is its potential to address a great sort of slurries or mixtures of drinks and sturdy debris. Many pumps are designed for unique applications, but slurry pumps can address several various materials while not having to be modified or repaired.

  • a few different benefits are that slurry pumps have low suction heights, because of this, they may be installed in regions where there are lower portions of pressure to be had. this conserves money and time while putting in the pump to your facility.
  • a few different benefits are that slurry pumps have low suction heights, because of this, they may be installed in regions where there are lower portions of pressure to be had. this conserves money and time while putting in the pump to your facility.

Product Description

A slurry pump is designed to transport solid and liquid combinations or slurry. Slurry pumps are applied in a spread of packages, consisting of mining, dredging, and chemical processing. Slurry pumps can be labeled into several differing types, primarily based on the shape of the slurry they are designed to address.

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Product Category

series high head gravel pump

High-head gravel slurry pumps are single-degree single suction pumps, which can be appropriate for transporting liquid containing suspended solids in metallurgy, mining, coal, energy constructing substances, and different commercial sectors. such as concentrate, tailings, ash, cinder, cement, soil, gravel, and other durability, sturdy corrosion of high concentration slurry.

series heavy duty slurry pump

heavy-duty process pump shafts are divided into sections, multi-level and double volute, and the center installation and double support arrangement structure.

series submerged slurry pump

the series submerged pump is advanced primarily based on imported advanced generation overseas. It has the benefits of high performance, no longer easy to enlace, no blocking, vehicle-coupling, and automobile-use

series light slurry pump

the Light Slurry Pump is a vertical centrifugal slurry pump, which is placed underneath the water. it is used to move numerous abrasive corrosive slurries in addition to clean water.

series dredging pump

Pump as dredging rivers, lakes, and seas governance of the primary pumping gadget has been widely identified. I produced the dredging of a single-level pump cantilever centrifugal pump, with heavy site visitors drift, proper wear resistance, and higher cavitation houses of the marine.

series high head slurry pump

an excessive-head slurry pump is broadly used to move corrosive/abrasive and high-concentration slurries in mining, sand, lead, and numerous different industries, consisting of electric-powered utilities, copper, oil shale, and agronomic

Product Advantages

Product Advantages

one of the good advantages of this product is its durability and sturdy corrosion of high-concentration slurry which can be appropriate for moving liquid that contains mining, coal and etc.

Product Advantages2

one of the advantage of this product is its small volume with good, High and efficiency when it comes to its performance

Product Advantages3

the advantage of buying this product, it is designed for dredging rivers lakes, and sea governance. it has proper wear resistance.

Product Advantages4

the advantage of High Head Slurry Pump is it can be used to move high-concentration slurries in mining and different industries.

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Company Advantage

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the main purpose of a slurry pump is to move solid particles in an immiscible fluid through centrifugal pressure. The particles are directed closer to the outer edge of the pump’s impeller wherein they collide with the blades and are carried away from the center of rotation by the passing fluid.


Slurry pumps come in a selection of designs and can be labeled into numerous important kinds. The most common type of slurry pump is the centrifugal pump, which makes use of centrifugal pressure to generate flow. other kinds of slurry pumps consist of the positive displacement pump, and turbine pump. usually, a slurry pump is used to move slurry (a mixture of solid particles and fluid) from one factor to any other.


slurry pump can be both horizontal- or vertical-geared. A horizontal equipment pump has its motor and impeller positioned above the reservoir and makes use of a downward flow direction as its prime mover.


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