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Being founded in the 1948s, Kingda now is a global leading supplier and developer of high performance pumping solutions for mining, aggregates, mineral processing, dredging, tunneling, water treatment and other industries that involve slurry or sewage, etc.

The first Slurry pump manufacturer in China


At present, in China, our company’s slurry pump market share has reached about 60%, and the sewage pump market share has exceeded 30%. Kingda pump enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad.


Since the early 1980s, Kingda has successively introduced the design and manufacturing technology from world first class pump giants, and became the leading player in the industry pump field.


Kingda owns the first slurry pump research laboratory in China, and has a special product research center in the kingda factory area, which adopts the most advanced technology to provide fast and effective solutions.


Kingda could provide various pump system design and installation services for any enterprise anywhere in the world, we will offer the most suitable solution for your pumping projects.
















kingda Pump Series

KSH/Heavy Duty Slurry Pump
ZGB/High Head Slurry Pump
KSHF/Horizontal Foam Pump
KSS/Vertical Sump Pump
TL/Single Casing Desulfurization Pump
TLR/Double Casing Desulfurization Pump

Application field

KSH (R) series heavy duty slurry pump, ZGB (P) series high lift slurry pump KSL series light slurry pump, KSF, KSHF series foam slurry pump, KSS (R) series slurry pump
Flue Gas Desulfurization
TLR series double shell desulfurization pump, TL series single shell desulfurization pump
Mine Mining
KSH (R) series heavy duty slurry pump, ZGB (P) series high lift slurry pump KSL series light slurry pump, KSF, KSHF series foam slurry pump, KSS (R) series slurry pump
Environmental Dredging Industry
Wn series dredge pump, wnq series underwater dredge pump QDP series submersible sand pump, G, GH series gravel pump

kingda productive forces

kingda It has 378 sets of main production equipment and 73 sets of special equipment. It has the production capacity of the whole manufacturing chain from model manufacturing, casting, heat treatment, machining, sheet welding, rubber lining, assembly, testing, etc.

The model manufacturing is processed by numerical control equipment, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of the parts; the casting and melting equipment has 5 intermediate frequency induction furnaces, and the weight of a single casting can reach 20 tons; the direct reading spectrum analyzer is used for the component inspection before the furnace, and the component detection is accurate, which can effectively guarantee Casting quality; moldings are produced with resin sand.

The company has 6 continuous sand mixers with a single sand mixing capacity of 40t/h; 5 shot blasting machines and 1 sandblasting room, with a maximum weight of 30 tons for a single piece of blank; /h There are 2 automatic sand processing lines and 5 trolley-type heat treatment furnaces, which can meet the soft and hardening heat treatment requirements of parts below 30 tons. Processing equipment More than 100 metal cutting machine tools, including 3 8-meter vertical lathes, 3 φ130-φ200 floor boring and milling centers, and more than 20 vertical and horizontal machining centers; an additional HL-16000 type hard support balancer It can complete the dynamic balance test requirements of impellers under 16 tons, eliminate the balance frame static balance method, and significantly improve the rotation accuracy of the pump rotor parts and the operation reliability of the pump.

Most reliable pumping manufacturer in China

kingda manufactures various models of pumps that can help you solve any pumping problem.

kingda service support

Kingda takes “warm service, quick response, accurate judgment, and honest treatment” as its after-sales service tenet and “customer first” as its service principle.

1. A team of professional engineers, without any language barrier, to provide you with professional technical services.

2. You can tell us your plan, we can help you customize the pump you need.

3. Safe and professional shipment, with tight reinforcement of all parts to ensure that the equipment is not damaged during transport.

4. 24-hour service available 24/7 to help you solve any problems.

5. Provide online guidance

6.Parts replacement

7. Support multiple payment methods (Prepaid 30% available)

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