Tunnel Boring Machine

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As the growing need of tunnels for transportation, Kingda send engineering team to the worksite,and develop suitable Pumps, now it is a pioneer For Tunnel Boring Machine Pumps.

Slurry Pump in Tunnel Boring Machine

Slurry Circulation System-relay pump station

The relay pump station is divided into a feeding slurry pump station and a discharge slurry pump station. The pumping station is equipped with an Feeding (discharge) slurry pump, variable frequency motor, transformer, the frequency converter, control cabinet and sealed flushing booster pump group, etc., It is connected to the main control room of the shield machine through the substation control system for remote control.

Slurry Pump for Slurry Separation System

The slurry separation station is a special equipment for processing the slurry generated by the tunneling of the shield Tunneling machine during the construction of the subway. It is a necessary equipment. The design and matching of the  separation station is mainly determined according to the pump flow rate of the boring machine. Since the separation station is a modular design, it can be installed according to the different flow rates produced by each project.

Kingda featured pump For Tunnel Boring Machine

KSGH Series Slurry Pump

Kingda Pumps adopt better pump front liner, impeller material which are strength optimization structure design to improve toughness wear resistance and impact resistance, thus could deal with different complex and harsh working conditions. At the same time, our company’s 300KSGH high-head slurry pump has been designed and tested in this field and got very good feedback. The flow rate is 2800-3500m3/h, the speed is 550-700/min, the head is 60-80m, and the efficiency is 78%. this kind of pump could be used for supporting large-scale boring machines over 12 meters.

General Applications for Kingda Pump

Kingda Pump cover a wide application range mainly include slurry pumps for integrated shield tunneling machine, Horizontal slurry pump and submersible slurry pumps for mining & mineral processing ,FGD (flue gas desulfurization) pumps for power plants , dredging pumps and gravel pump for river and marine projects , Mill pump etc.

Why Choose Kingda?

With more than 60 years of innovation and development, Kingda is now a leading enterprise possessing 100 major categories and about 1000 kinds of advanced slurry pumps, kingda will make all the efforts to offer pumps solutions around the world with unique and unchallenged technologies.

Kingda has the first slurry pump research lab in China and an independent technology center was set up in the factory, focusing on fast product transformation from the latest technology is realized.

Kingda invested over 100 million on the new manufacturing equipment, and now is able to finish the whole pump production from design, casting, manufacturing, to pump testing independently.

Kingda has set up a standard operation procedure for decades for all our team members to strictly carry it out step by step , and the detailed check reports for each working procedure could be witnessed by our partners and end users.

Kingda Staff has been devoted in the industry for decades, rich experience in different industries allow us to quickly find a proper pumping solution to meet various need and work conditions of the end-users.

Kingda's factory

Production Capacity Of Kingda

Kingda invested over 500 million on the new manufacturing facilities, and now Kingda has 378 sets of main production equipment and 73 sets of special equipment.

Kingda‘s Strict Quality Control

The whole process of a finished Kingda Pump is under strict quality control from the initial raw materials to the whole pump performance test by our QC&QA team with their years of  experience.

Kingda's Services

Equipment quality

Provide clients with high-quality products that meet relevant national standards, contract requirements, and customer’s design and application requirements.


Perform the delivery responsibilities on time, and transport in the most convenient way to minimize the time for customers to get the product.

Technical Service

Provide users with important technical information for operation and maintenance. Combining with the network and remotely, provide technical and business training for equipment installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

Customers Benefits From Kingda Pump

The following Pics and video truly show customer satisfaction with Kingda Pumps

Customer Satisfactions

At present, Kingda pumps are exported to all major countries and regions such as Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Australia, Russia, the Middle East and Africa, where they are widely accepted and highly recognized by the market.

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