Guides To Handle The Slurry

When considering how to solve a problem, the basic principle is to ask what is the problem . How can i solve this problem, and what is the best and most efficient way, finally the review and summary. So my article will focus on these concerns about your slurry transportation problem

Slurry could be seen here and there in the industry processing, and it is a mixture of  liquids and solids, which will also combine properties of both. Such fluid will significantly impacts the production line efficiency if no proper action is taken. Generally speaking the slurry differs from normal water in the following aspects, abrasion&Corrosion and thicker consistency caused by the particles, Settle out when not moving, higher energy need when transported. This is the answer of what is the slurry and the problem.

Then is how can i solve this problem, it is obvious that the answer is a proper slurry pump. However there are a few of keys before you reach the solution. You could follow the below steps to get a slurry pump best suited for your particular application.

1.Fully listed your fluid properties and your need like flow capacity and head to make sure you know what result you want to get. This is important because your are the end user.

2.Talk with a slurry pump sales or service staff to get his suggestions, including the materials and power. slurry pumps can work well with slurry because the designs like: a large impeller diameter, more special shafts and bearings, internal passageways with different materials and heavy-duty construction.

3.Combine the pump with your production line, including the length and diameter of the pipeline, the static head which is the height to which the slurry must be pumped in the piping system, etc. And then decide the pump motor and speed, noted that most centrifugal slurry pumps run at less than 1200 rpm

4.At last after pump constructed check the results and keep it running under a proper condition

Although an overview of slurry pumps and their installations is provided here in this passage, there’s much more you need to better understand slurry pumps and their applications.if you need help deciding which pump and installation type is best for their applications, Qiangda is here to help.we will ensure you choose the right slurry pump installation to meet and exceed your slurry transport needs. Contact us if needed.

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