Pumps For Petrochemical Industry

Why we need Slurry Pumps in the Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical industry refers to the processing industry that uses petroleum and natural gas as raw materials to produce petroleum products and petrochemical products. The petrochemical industry is a basic industry for all the economic activities. It provides supporting and services for agriculture, energy, transportation, machinery, electronics, textiles, light industry, construction, building materials agriculture etc., and greatly affected people’s daily life.

Petrochemical industry is so important that it occupies a pivotal position in the national economy. It is the main supplier of energy and one of the pillars of the chemical industry. Therefore It plays an important role in the development of the industries of our country.

Although it seems no relationship with the pumps, but do you know that the petrochemical industry pump is the most used transmission equipment in petrochemical production equipment. It transports various liquid media such as crude oil, refined oil, chemical raw materials and various intermediate products or finished products to other places like the heart transmits blood. Pumps that used in the petrochemical industry account for one-third of the total industrial pumps.
Since almost all conveying fluids are flammable, and most of the temperature and pressure conditions are very harsh, higher or highest grade pumps are required. For petrochemical pumps that transport flammable, explosive, toxic or precious media, reliable shaft seals or leak-free pumps are required; for petrochemical pumps that transport corrosive media, the flow parts are required to use corrosion-resistant materials. For petrochemical pumps with granular media, wear-resistant materials are required for the flow-through parts, and the shaft seal should be flushed with clean liquid when necessary.

Installation requirements and notes
1. For petrochemical pumps installed in the presence of corrosive gas, measures to prevent atmospheric corrosion are required.
2. For petrochemical pumps installed in an outdoor environment with a temperature lower than 20°C, it is required to consider the cold brittleness of the pump and use low-temperature resistant materials.
3. For petrochemical pumps installed in explosive areas, explosion-proof motors should be used according to the level of the explosive area.
4. The design life of petrochemical pumps is generally at least 10 years. API 610 (10th edition) stipulates that the design life of centrifugal pumps for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries is at least 20 years.
5. The design, manufacture and inspection of petrochemical pumps shall comply with relevant standards and regulations.
6. The pump factory shall guarantee the performance of the pump within the range of power supply voltage and frequency.

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Almost all conveying fluids are flammable, and most of the temperature and pressure conditions are very harsh, higher or highest grade pumps are required

Based on the customer’s need and design, professional engineering team adjust the materials and the impeller of the pump to meet with the need, and offer proper suggestions for the clients about the installation to keep the pump working in a good condition

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The pump and spare parts have good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability, now the system is ruining smoothly for a long time since 2014

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