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Small Centrifugal slurry Pump

These products are small forms of centrifugal slurry pump, that is a type of pump that allows users to pump liquid that contains solid particles such as cement slurry, abrasive, sludge and many more. Since our pump products is robust, and are built with heavy-duty material it can easily withstand currosive materials.

In purchasing slurry pumps, you must consider these: capacity, efficiency, and speed. In Kingda, we assure you the presence of these all. Thus allowing you to simplify your work as an individual, as a group or even in associations. 

Different Types of Centrifugal Pump (small)

Radial Centrifugal Slurry Pump

Radial flow pumps are centrifugal pumps, at which the fluid handled leaves the impeller in a radial direction. Radial pumps are suitable for handling incompressible fluids, which can also contain gases or small percentages of solids.

Axial Centrifugal Slurry pump

An axial flow pump is a type of centrifugal pump that uses an impeller with vanes that direct the flow axially. In this pump the rotor is a propeller. The main advantage of axial pumps is that they have a relatively low head and a relatively high flow rate

ANSI Centrifugal Slurry Pump

Is a type of horizontal, single-stage, & suction centrifugal pump that has an overhung impeller and back pull out.  Due to their less cost, they are popularly used in chemical, industrial and mining applications for comparatively less temperature pressure applications.

API Centrifugal Slurry Pump

Is a special type of centrifugal pump that meets the design, inspection and testing criteria by the American Petroleum Institute’s API-610 standard for pumps. They are used as they provide very good operating experience in handling hydrocarbons due to their robust design. They come in many different forms.

Single-Stage Centrifugal Slurry Pump

 This pump type houses only one impeller within its casing, making maintenance quite easy. A single-stage centrifugal pump is best suited to low-pressure operations where a large flow rate is maintained. This centrifugal slurry pump are guarantee reliable pumping processes.

Two-Stage Centrifugal slurry pump

Two stage centrifugal pump is twin impellers centrifugal pump designed for use in pressurization units for domestic, civil and industrial use. Suitable for sprinkling irrigation and other water supply applications, such as well-pumping, water supplying, decanting, etc.

Kingda Product Advantages


This product is indeed providing convenience to our customer for it is simplifying every slurry-related hard works.


When theres a need for transporting abrasive solid slurry, Kingda small centrifugal slurry pumps are the answer.

Long-Lasting Life

With good and high-quality parts our pumps can perfectly function for long period of time despite of the heavy works 

High Tolerance

Kingda build products that can do it’s job perfectly. Slurry with hard materials included need a high tolerance products.

Small Centrifugal Slurry Pumps Application

Centrifugal slurry small pumps from Kingda are perfectly ideal for a variety of applications including dams, canals, ponds and more. Our heavy-duties centrifugal pump and/or slurry pump ensures long-lasting performances in rugged conditions. And also since it can deliver high quantities of different fluids, they are so useful in wide variety of transporting-works in field such as mentioned above.

Small Centrifugal Slurry Pumps Product Material

Kingda small centrifugal slurry pumps are built with corrosion-resistant thermoplastic materials. So they can handle much more than just water. If you need a pump that can handle slurry whose temperature is close to the boiling point or higher gas content? Then the Kingda  is often the best choice. 

Small Centrifugal Slurry Pump description

Kingda small centrifugal pumps are designed to handle various fluids from drainage water or any liquid waste containing small, non-fibrous solids to larger industrial processes. Also built leakproof to ensure safety- not only for the slurry but also for the workers, even for critical media. This can handle mud, leaves, sand, and any small solids without clogging.


Kingda is the first slurry pump manufacturer in China. Since the early 1980s, Kingda has successively introduced the design and manufacturing technology from world first class pump giants, and became the leading player in the industry pump field. We even owns the first slurry pump research laboratory in the same country.

We could surely provide various pump system design and installation services for any enterprise anywhere in the world, we will offer the most suitable solution for your pumping projects.

Main parts of small centrifugal pumps


The impeller is the rotating part that transmit the liquid using kinetic energy. The impeller comes in different sizes and is comprised of two or more curved vanes, based on the pump’s capacity. It is a wheel or rotor which is provided with a series of backward curved blades or vanes. It is mounded on the shaft which is coupled to an external source of energy which imparts the liquid energy to the impeller there by making it to rotate.


The impeller goes into an air-tight spiral-shaped casing. The casing forms a chamber, where the water’s kinetic energy is converted to pressurized energy before being moved to the discharge pipe. It is a pipe which is connected at the upper end to the inlet of the pump to the centre of impeller which is commonly known as eye.


The pump shaft is directly connected to the motor shaft, transmitting energy from the motor to the impellers. . The shaft is usually made of steel or stainless steel and is sized to support the impeller. Shafts have to be sized carefully. An undersized shaft can result in increased pump vibration, shorter bearing life, the potential for shaft breakage, and an overall reduced pump life.


The final part of the mechanical end is the bearing arrangement. Generally speaking, centrifugal pumps are equipped with standard ball-type anti-friction bearings. These are the same bearings used in everything from electric motors, to roller skates, to automobiles, and they are lubricated by grease or oil. The bearings reduce the friction of the pump’s moving parts and ensure smooth rotation.


Our company is a worl-class pumping provider. Kingda now is a global leading supplier and developer of high performance pumping solutions for mining, aggregates, mineral processing, dredging, tunneling, water treatment and other industries that involve slurry.