Centrifugal Slurry pump

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Centrifugal Slurry Pump

A centrifugal slurry pump is a mechanical device designed to move a fluid by means of the transfer of rotational energy from one or more driven rotors, called impellers. Fluid enters the rapidly rotating impeller along its axis and is cast out by centrifugal force along its circumference through the impeller’s vane tips. It is used to transport fluids by the conversion of rotational kinetic energy to the hydrodynamic energy of the fluid flow

Kingda can provide program design, process flow design and non-standard design for clients. Our centrifugal pumps has excellent resistance to corrosion and sealing. Stable performance since

Different Types Of Centrifugal slurry pumps

Chemical Pumps

This designed specifically for use in pumping chemicals that are resistant to corrosive materials, which makes it suitable for handling corrosive and abrasive industrial liquids such as paint, fuel, solvent, bleach, and many others. A pump that contradicts the chemical can result in brittleness or dissolving, swelling, and ultimately it will leak and fail. 

Radial Pumps

In this, the fluid comes out of the impeller after rotating for 90 degrees relative to the suction.. Fluid enters through the horizontal suction flange and leaves through a vertical outflow flange. The discharge will be perpendicular to the pump’s shaft. This design is commonly used when there is a flow limitation and a need to raise the discharge pressure. 

Axial Pumps

In this, the fluid can move parallel to the shaft. This procedure is the same as the working of a propellant. The most important application of this pump is when there is a huge flow rate and very little pressure head. For instance, they are common in water circulation pumps and dewatering pumps. The blades of the impeller being given some degree of ‘twist’. 

Mixed Pumps

A mixed flow pump is a centrifugal pump with a mixed flow impeller. The fluid flow mixes both axial and radial properties. That is a trade-off between radial and axial pumps. Mixed pumps operate at a much larger flow rate with a decent increase in the head. They borrow characteristics from both axial flow and radial flow pumps.

Single Volute Pump

In pumps that have a single volute casing, the flow is discharged from the impeller and goes into one volute, which winds completely around the impeller. This single volute casing has one cut-water that transports the fluid flow towards the pump’s outlet. Most of the centrifugal pumps in the refinery are of single volute types.

Trash Pumps

These pumps are portable pumps and are generally for dewatering applications. They are planned to pump large amounts of water that contains soft and hard solids such as mud, twigs, leaves, sand, and sludge. Most trash pumps are heavy-duty, portable pumps that have larger discharge openings than other pumps.

Product Advantages

Wear Resistant

Kingda’s products are build with high end material making it stronger and durable in any hard situation.

High Quality

Our company are guaranteed in manufacturing highest quality in all time.


Product you can rely on in every hard situations in various type of industries.

Long Services Life

The pumps even when used extremely well can offer a long service life. The pumps are able to withstand corrosive materials.

Centifugal Slurry Pump Applications

  • Centrifugal pumps are designed in such a way that makes them useful for pumping slurries and sewage..
  • These pumps are also used in fire protection systems and for cooling and heating applications..
  • In the beverage industry they are used to transfer bottled water, juice, and other beverages..
  • In the dairy industry centrifugal pumps are used to transfer dairy products for example buttermilk, milk, and flavored milk..
  • Many industries (manufacturing, industrial, chemicals, food production, pharmaceutical, and aerospace) – use the pumps for the purposes of refrigerants and cryogenics..
  • In oil energy, they pump crude oil, mud, and slurry used by power generation plants and refineries..

Centrifugal Slurry Pumps Material

These are some of the materials used to make centrifugal pumps.

  • Cast iron 
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast steel 
  • Carbon structural steel 
  • Alloy steel 
  • Non-metallic materials 
  • Bronze 

Pre-purchase Consideration

Considerations when choosing the centrifugal pump material include:

  • Chemical compatibility
  • Explosion proof
  • Sanitation
  • Wear 

Kingda Advantage

Kingda Pump established in1949, is the largest slurry factory in China. Has been producing slurry pump nearly 70 years. Kingda has its own R&D center and the unique Slurry Pump Institute in China opened to all kinds of industries, has CFD, CAE and other advanced design methods.

A special product research which adopts the most advanced technology to provide fast and effective solutions. Also the leading player in the industry pump field.

Main Parts of Centrifugal Slurry Pumps


It is the central part of the pump which rotates together with the impeller when connected. The shaft is linked to the prime mover in order to get the power. The shaft fits perfectly with the ball bearing.


It comprises an arrangement of backward curved vanes. It is mounted to an electric motor’s shaft. This is known as the rotating part of the centrifugal pump enclosed in a casing that is watertight. The impeller rotates and imparts velocity to a liquid.


 It works as a cover so that it protects the system. The casing transforms the velocity developed by the impeller into a stable flow. There are basically three types of casings in centrifugal pumps namely volute casing, vortex casing and casing with guide blades.

Suction Pipe

The suction pipe has two ends. The first end is connected to the pump’s inlet and one end is dipped into the water in a sump. At the suction pipes’ lower end, a foot valve is fitted. The valve only opens in an upward direction as it will be a one-way type. To prevent the entry of unknown and unwanted bodies into the suction pipe, a strainer is fitted at the end of the pipe.

World Class Pump Manufacturer

Being founded in the 1949s, Kingda now is a global leading supplier and developer of high performance pumping solutions for mining, aggregates, mineral processing, dredging, tunneling, water treatment and other industries that involve slurry or sewage, etc.

Kingda Best services

Kingda takes best service, quick response, accurate judgment, and honest treatment as its after-sales service tenet and customer is our first priority as its our service principle.

  • We provide you with professional technical services.
  • We can help you customize the pump you need.
  • We ensure that the equipment is not damaged during transport.
  • We offer 24-hour service.
  • We support multiple payment methods .

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A centrifugal slurry pump is a mechanical device designed to move a fluid by means of the transfer of rotational energy from one or more driven rotors, called impellers. Fluid enters the rapidly rotating impeller along its axis and is cast out by centrifugal force along its circumference through the impeller’s vane tips

  • Chemical Pumps
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  • Slurry Circulating Pump
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  • Rubber Lined Slurry Pumps
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  • Pumping slurries and sewage
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  • Cast Iron
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Non-metalic Material

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