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Founded in 1948, kingda is the first factory in China to manufacture slurry pumps, sewage pumps and submersible sewage pumps. Now get over 100 patents.

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Kingda Slurry pump

The slurry pump is a centrifugal pump used for liquid transportation, particle transportation and corrosive solid particle transportation. The slurry pump rotates slower than the traditional pump, but it has higher horsepower and stronger bearings than the traditional pump.
The slurry pump is conveyed by a rotating impeller, and the number of impeller blades is generally 2-5, so that the solid passability will be better.

Kingda slurry pumps are widely used in China for Mining Mineral Processing Dredging and general industries , Our slurry pump market share has reached about 60%, we are sure that no matter what kind of slurry pump you need we can offer the best products to you.

kingda Pump Series

M (R) KSH series heavy duty slurry pump
Ksgh series high lift gravel pump
ZGB (P) series high lift slurry pump
KSHF (KSF) series foam slurry pump
M (R) KSS series submerged slurry pump
KSG series gravel pump
Ksgh series high lift gravel pump
Wn (q) series dredge pump
QDP series submersible sand pump
TLR series double shell desulfurization pump
TL series single shell desulfurization pump
KWp series non clogging centrifugal pump

Slurry pump

Slurry Pump Features

Slurry pump is also called impurity pump, most of which are a kind of centrifugal pump. The slag paddle pump is the key equipment for pipeline water conservancy transportation of solid and liquid phases. It is mainly used to discharge solid and liquid mixtures containing a certain particle size: a certain concentration of solid particles.

Material: Since the conveyed object is slurry, there are higher requirements for the material
Design: Requires wider flow passages and more reliable sealing
Volume and size: Since the application fields are generally large mines and petrochemical industries, the flow and lift are generally relatively large.

Classification and naming of pumps

Since the pump is a general-purpose machine with a wide range of application fields and markets, the classification of pumps also produces different dimensions, so the naming is also confusing.

Pumps are divided into: dynamic pumps, positive displacement pumps, and other types of pumps;
Power pump: centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, mixed flow pump, vortex pump;
Positive displacement pump: reciprocating pump, rotary pump;
Other types of pumps: jet pump, magnetic rotary pump.
Suction method: self-priming pump, ordinary pump.

The structure of the slurry pump

Everyone knows that the pump is a conveying device, but the understanding of the structure is relatively vague. The following is the main structural knowledge of the pump

Installation form: horizontal pump, vertical pump, submersible pump.
Number of suction ports: single suction pump, double suction pump.
Bearing position: Cantilever pump, inter-bearing pump
Number of impellers: centrifugal pump; single-stage pump, multi-stage pump.

Definition of slurry pump

Slurry is a mixed flow of liquid and solid particles, usually divided into sedimentation type and non-sedimentation type.
Non-settling slurries consist of very fine particles, giving the illusion of increased apparent viscosity. Low abrasion resistance, corrosiveness and unique pH values need to be considered when selecting a pump, and its properties are different from ordinary liquids.
Settling slurries are formed from coarse particles that tend to form unstable mixtures. Special attention should be paid to flow and power calculations as well as wear resistance when selecting a pump.

The basic composition of the slurry pump

Application fields of slurry pump

Mining and Coal Industry
Power and Energy Industry
River dredging and sand mining
Metallurgical industry

Collaborated projects

Application Industry: Mine
User: Saudi Mining Group Slurry Pump Model: M350KSH & M300KSH Flow: 3203m3/h&1555m3/h Head: 35.55m&34.66m
Application Industry: Mine
User: Russian Far East Iron Mine Slurry Pump Model: M300KSH/M300KSH/M200KSH Flow: 3000m3/h/1100m3/h/750m3/h Head: 70m/57m/10m
Application Industry:Dredging
User:ChinaChina Communications Construction Bureau Slurry Pump Model: 1000WN Flow: 10500 m3/h& 16000m3/h Head: 17m&25m
Application Industry:Dredging
User:SDN Malaysia Slurry Pump Model: 1200WN Flow: 24000/30000m3/h Head: 72m/33m
Application Industry:Power plant desulfurization system
User:CLP Holdings Desulfurization circulating pump: 600X-TLR Flow: 5700m3/h Head: 19.12m/20.92m/22.72m
Application Industry:Agricultural irrigation and water supply
User:Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan Double suction pump: SXK900-1050 Flow: 10800m3 Head:30m
Application Industry:Shield and mud-water separation
User:China Communications Construction Group TBM mud pump: 10/8S-GB Flow: 1000m3/h Head:68m

Slurry pump production equipment

One-stop slurry pump solution

We provide one-stop service; scheme design; product planning; product installation; post-service.

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Kingda Pump covers an area of more than 300 mu, with a total construction area of more than 80,000 square meters. It can produce 10,000 sets of industrial impurity pumps such as slurry pumps, dredging pumps, desulfurization pumps, shield pumps, and 2,800t of various pump accessories.

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