Dredger Pump


Kingda dredge pump could be fixed on the ships well, it is cost-effective and of long service life, high efficiency. Every kingda dredge Pump has passed CCS inspection, and could well meet the requirement of various dredgers.

What is Dredge pump

dredge pump

Dredge pumps are used to move sediment, sand, gravel, debris, and a variety of other solids from the river or sea to a discharge site. They are usually heavy-duty centrifugal pumps.
The abrasive granular materials and solids of various sizes and weights will be in suspension by flushing or other external affections, and then the mixture will be transferred by special pipe or hose with the help of dredge pump.

Kingda‘s Featured Dredge Pump

Product Advantages

The WN series dredge pump is a new type of slurry pump developed by Kingda. With the help of various advanced computer-aided design software, the pumps could well meet the need of dredging and filling work of rivers, lakes and seas.
This series of dredge pumps have advantages of a good overall structure, excellent dredging performance, long working life, high efficiency, reliable shaft seal, and obvious economic benefits etc., They can fully meet the requirements of dredgers ships. By the way,Each set of products has passed the CCS( China Classification Society) inspection to ensure a good quality.

Common Applications of Kingda Dredge Pump

Dredge pumps are mainly equipped in different dredger to undertake the river and marine projects.

Why Choose Kingda?

With more than 70 years of innovation and development, Kingda is now a leading enterprise possessing 100 major categories and about 1000 kinds of advanced slurry pumps, kingda will make all the efforts to offer pumps solutions around the world with unique and unchallenged technologies.

Kingda has the first slurry pump research lab in China and an independent technology center was set up in the factory, focusing on fast product transformation from the latest technology is realized.

Kingda invested over 100 million on the new manufacturing equipment, and now is able to finish the whole pump production from design, casting, manufacturing, to pump testing independently.

Kingda has set up a standard operation procedure for decades for all our team members to strictly carry it out step by step , and the detailed check reports for each working procedure could be witnessed by our partners and end users.

Kingda Staff has been devoted in the industry for decades, rich experience in different industries allow us to quickly find a proper pumping solution to meet various need and work conditions of the end-users.

Kingda's factory video

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Kingda's Services

Equipment quality

Provide clients with high-quality products that meet relevant national standards, contract requirements, and customer’s design and application requirements.


Perform the delivery responsibilities on time, and transport in the most convenient way to minimize the time for customers to get the product.

Technical Service

Provide users with important technical information for operation and maintenance. Combining with the network and remotely, provide technical and business training for equipment installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

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What Are The Key Points To Consider When Choosing A Proper Slurry Pump?

Besides the points like the head and flow capacity, you should pay attention to the materials of the wet-parts and installed methods which is depended on the slurry and work conditions, a good choice will greatly lengthen the service life.

What Is The Slurry Pump Warranty?

Normally for slurry pump products, the warranty is 12 months since operation or 18 months since factory dispatch, whichever comes first. but it also depends on whether the pumps are used in a proper way, Anyway for Kingda the commitment is to your satisfaction with our products and services. In warranty or not, it is the culture of kingda to address and resolve all customer issues timely first.

What Are Slurry Pumps?

Slurry pumps are designed for heavy-wearing and heavy-duty applications like the transportation of abrasive fluid and corrosive slurry in industries such as mining, dredging and sewage treatment. It is a kind of machinery that increases the energy of solid and liquid mixture by means of centrifugal force .In case any other concerns or problems about the slurry pumps, you are welcome to find a solution from Kingda.

What Is The Average Lead Time Of Kingda Pump?

The whole world suffer from the bad pandemic, So Kingda has a special team for the transportation issues to make sure fast delivery. For mass production, the lead time is 30-40 days after receiving the deposit payment. Anyway if our lead times do not work with your deadline, please go over your requirements with us. In all cases we will try to accommodate your needs and it proves that in most cases we are able to do so.

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