KSH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

The KSH series has the characteristics of high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can work efficiently in harsh industrial and mining conditions while ensuring wear life, thereby prolonging the service life.

  • Strong conveying capacity


  • Excellent wear resistance


  • High efficiency and low energy consumption


  • Reliable and stable performance

Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

KSH series slurry pump is a new generation of heavy-duty slurry pump independently developed by our company based on the introduction of Warman AH series products, combined with our company’s more than 70 years of experience in slurry pump design and manufacturing, and using an advanced.

In terms of performance, it completely covers AH series products, with higher efficiency and better suction performance. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, small vibration, low noise, reliable operation, long service life and convenient maintenance.

Product Specifications

Product Model KSH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump
Diameter (mm) 50~200
Flow (m3/h) 10~1600
Lift(m) 10~68
NPSH 1~6
Material M

Features And Benefits

1. Strong conveying capacity: the heavy-duty slurry pump can handle high-concentration slurry, including ore slurry, coal gangue slurry, sludge, etc. They usually have larger inlet and outlet diameters and efficient internal structures to ensure that a large amount of slurry can pass through the pump body smoothly and maintain a stable delivery capacity.

2. Excellent wear resistance: the pump body, impeller and other key components are usually made of wear-resistant alloy materials or ceramic materials, which can effectively prolong the service life of the pump and reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement parts.

3. High efficiency and low energy consumption: Heavy-duty slurry pumps usually have efficient hydraulic design and optimized impeller shape to provide the best pump efficiency. This means that when handling slurries, the pumps can generate greater delivery capacity with less energy consumption, reducing operating costs.

4. Reliable and stable performance: The heavy-duty slurry pump has been carefully designed and tested, and has good reliability and stability. They are capable of continuous operation in harsh working environments and are able to cope with different operating conditions such as changes in flow and head.


Slurry pumps transport mud, sand, lime slurry, ash and other substances in the fields of mining, metallurgy, coal, electric power, chemical industry and environmental protection, and play an important role in various technological processes in many industries. Efficiently and reliably convey and process high-concentration, high-density, high-abrasive slurry.

The KSH series has the characteristics of high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can work efficiently in harsh industrial and mining conditions while ensuring wear life, thereby prolonging the service life.

The maximum slurry weight concentration Cw of the solid-liquid mixture allowed to be transported is: 45% for ash (slag) slurry and coal slurry; 60% for ore slurry and heavy medium.

KSH series heavy-duty slurry pumps have the advantages of high efficiency, wear resistance, large flow, high lift, adjustable outlet direction, reliable sealing system and automatic lubrication system, which can efficiently process and transport high-concentration slag.

Design Features

1. Double pump casing structure

2. Horizontal, cantilever, centrifugal, single-stage slurry pump design

3. Lining and impeller are made of wear-resistant metal or rubber

4. Drive mode: Direct drive, V-belt drive, hydraulic coupling drive, reducer drive and other forms.

5. Shaft seal: various sealing methods such as packing seal, auxiliary impeller seal or mechanical seal

6. Bearing lubrication: grease lubrication or grease lubrication

7. Multi-stage series operation

8. The direction of the pump outlet can be rotated at 45° intervals to install and use at eight different angles, which is convenient for users to connect and arrange pipelines.

Spare Parts

Closed impeller
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Open impeller
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Semi-open impeller
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Metal Volute
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Cover Plate Liner
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Frame Plate Liner
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Metal or rubber impellers can be made according to different working conditions.

  1. Open impeller: The two sides of the open impeller blades are open, the internal leakage loss is large, and the efficiency is low. It is only suitable for absorbing viscous liquids. It is not recommended to use if the medium to be transported is large particles.
  2. Semi-open impeller: suitable for drawing liquids that are prone to sedimentation and contain lime sand
  3. Closed impeller: The structure of the closed impeller includes flow channel blades and main and auxiliary blades, and the structure is complex. There are guard plates on both sides, less leakage and high efficiency. Generally, this kind of impeller is used in slurry pumps.

The metal volute and rubber volute of the slurry pump are the key components used to protect the slurry pump. They protect and strengthen the structure of the pump body during the working process of the pump.

Metal volutes are usually made of high-strength metal materials such as chrome, stainless steel, or cast iron. They have excellent corrosion and wear resistance and can effectively protect the internal parts of the pump from corrosion and wear.

Rubber volutes are usually made of rubber or polymer materials such as rubber, polyurethane, or polymer composites. With good elasticity and softness, it can absorb and alleviate the vibration and impact of the slurry pump during operation, reduce the friction and wear between the pump body and parts, and prolong the service life of the pump, etc.

Case of Projects

MAADEN (Saudi Arabian Mining Co.)

End-user: MAADEN(Saudi Arabian Mining Co.)

Desliming Slurry Pump

Model: M350KSH & M300KSH etc.

Flowrate: 3203m3/h&1555m3/h

Head: 35.55m&34.66m



Model: M300KSH、M300KSH、M200KSH etc.

Flowrate: 3000 m3/h;1100 m3/h;750m3/h

Head: 70m、57m、10m

Zarand Iranian Steel Company

End-user: Zarand Iranian Steel Company (ZISCO)

Slurry Pump

Model: R450KSH etc.

Flowrate: 4500m3/h 

Head: 40m


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