“National Green Factory Honor” for Kingda Pump Group Company

List of Green Manufacturing for the year 2023

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China announced the list of Green Manufacturing for the year 2023. Kingda Pump Group Company has successfully been recognized as a “National Green Factory.” This highly esteemed acknowledgment reflects the company’s outstanding achievements in the fields of sustainable development and environmental protection, setting a benchmark for achieving higher quality green and sustainable development in the pump industry.

The “National Green Factory” designation is an authoritative recognition given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for enterprises that align with the principles of “green development.” As a leading enterprise in the pump industry, Kingda Pump Group Company has consistently devoted itself to promoting green manufacturing and environmental concepts. The group has established four major green platforms, namely green design, green manufacturing, green testing, and the full lifecycle analysis and management of green pump products.

Environmentally friendly production processes

Advanced energy-saving and environmentally friendly production processes are employed in each production step of the group. For instance, the casting model manufacturing primarily utilizes CNC machining of metal models that can be reused, reducing resource consumption. Resin sand molding is employed for core making, accompanied by corresponding sand treatment systems for resin sand regeneration and reuse, minimizing the emission of used sand.

Efficient medium-frequency melting furnaces are used to melt iron, with corresponding dust removal systems to enhance melting efficiency, conserve energy, and reduce emissions. Heat treatment involves electric heating furnaces, reducing the generation and emission of pollutants. Plasma and CNC flame cutting machines are utilized for welding and cutting, minimizing the generation of scraps.

Currently, the greenization rate of manufacturing technology in Kingda Pump Group Company has increased from 39.69% to 80.58%, and the greenization rate of the manufacturing process has increased from 22.81% to 54.19%. The environmental impact of green manufacturing resources has decreased from 43.32% to 28.30%.

In addition to these efforts, the group emphasizes the cultivation of environmental awareness among its employees. Through training and awareness campaigns, employees are encouraged to actively participate in green production.

Mr. Wang Lei, the General Manager of Kingda Pump Group Company, stated, “Obtaining the certification of a National Green Factory is the result of our many years of hard work. It is not only the glory of the enterprise itself but also a guidance for the entire industry, inspiring more pump industry enterprises to join the ranks of green manufacturing. In the future, we will continue to focus on technological innovation and environmental investment to make a greater contribution to building an efficient and green manufacturing industry.”

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