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  • High abrasion resistance
  • Long working life
  • Low energy consumption
  • Good condition performance

Product Description

Uses of the slurry pump in coal mining:

A China coal mine slurry pump is very essential in transferring fluids or liquid to another place. It is very efficient also in the coal preparation plant process. Why? Because it can directly affect the production systems. Using a coal slurry pump can help production much easier. But coal mining is challenging work, and here’s the reason why.

The challenge:

During coal mining, half of the material coming from the ground is waste for example the rocks and even the dirt that combine in the coal, that’s why you need to wash the coal and removed all the dirt in it before it is processed and burned. When washing the coal, the pump is very important.

Coal mine requires pumps that can handle this difficult task. In purchasing a coal slurry pump you should consider the life cycle cost, the cost of repair and maintenance or the replacement parts, and even the energy cost when the pump is working.

Coal washing is it important?

Yes, it is very important because it is part of the coal mining process. In washing coal, it separates the raw materials from the coal in order to get high-quality coal. In doing so, slurry pumps are needed in this difficult task. Kingda pump manufactures slurry pumps that can handle this difficult situation, we can customize your pump for your specific application.


metal slurry pump

Application: Industrial utilities, Mining industry

Horsepower: 5.3hp

Structure: Single-stage pump

single-stage slurry pump

Application: Metal and equipment manufacturer, Mining industry

Horsepower: As customer request

Structure: Single-stage pump

centrifugal slurry pump

Application: Marine, Machining, mining industry

Horsepower: 40hp

Structure: Single-stage pump

durable slurry pump

Application: Biofuel industry, Commercial buildings

Horsepower: 250bar

Structure: Gear pump

diaphragm slurry pump

Application: Automotive industry, the Biofuel industry

Horsepower: Customize

Structure: Diaphragm pump

Vertical slurry pump

Application: World water solution, Drinking water treatment

Horsepower: 220kw

Structure: Multi-stage pump


Product Advantages

high abrasion resistance

Our pumps have the ability to withstand the wear and tear of friction.

long working life

When it’s well maintained our pumps can work longer and can up to 15 years or much longer.

low energy consumption

This pump is efficient to use because its energy consumption is low.

good condition performance

It is good working performance because our pumps are in good quality.

Kingda-the first slurry manufacturer in China

Number 1 brand in China

Kingda is a famous brand in China. Our market share has reached about 60 percent. We have a good reputation with our customers because of the good quality of our product. We have different special equipment, and also, we have a production capacity that can handle the whole manufacturing chain.

business teams(professional engineers)

In the 1980s, Kingda successively introduced the design and manufacturing technology from world first-class giants and was very proud because we are the leading player in the industry in the pump field. We have a business partner that can help you with the price and shipping cost calculations. So, come on! Be one of our pump users, this will your work easier and less hassle.

fast and efficient solutions

 If you have questions about slurry pumps, don’t worry because we have a technical support team that can help you how to manage that problem. Our technical teams have rich experience with slurry pumps, even the most complicated problems our engineers can answer it. We have our own research laboratory, and special product research and also, and we are using the most advanced technology that provides fast and effective solutions.

kingda can assures that

Kingda is being founded in the 1949’s and it became a global leading supplier and developer of high-performance pumping solutions in different industries.  Kingda manufactures various models of pumps that can help you solve any pumping problem. We have technical teams that can help you with any questions you want to be answered especially for complicated work solutions.

parts of the pump


The impeller is a very important component of a pump because it is the one that increases the pressure and the flow of a liquid. It have vanes or blades that allow the mechanical power converted into pump power output. Impellers have 5 types:

  • Open impeller
  • Semi-open impeller
  • Closed impeller
  • Vortex impeller
  • Cutter impeller.


Pump casing is benefecial also because it serves as the seal off of the pump from the atmosphere to prevent leakage. It surrounds the pump rotor that transmits energy to the liquid that is handled fluid through the impeller.  There are three types of pump casing:

  • Single volute,
  • Double-volute,
  • And Vaned diffuser.


Bearing is the component of a pump that assists objects’ rotation. It helps the pump shaft that rotates inside the equipment. Equipment that uses bearings are:

  • Automobiles
  • Airplanes
  • Electric generators
  • Pumps
  • and many more.

kingda- the best manufacturer in china

The most reliable manufacturer in China is Kingda. Why? because Kingda owns the first slurry pump research laboratory in China and has a special product research center in the Kingda factory area, that adopts the most advanced technology.

Kingda offers services like:

Maintenance and optimization:

Interchangeable parts. We have quick service and maintenance with local inventory and deployment.

Global expertise, and local support:

Pumping professionals in over 50 countries in the world. 

Simplicity and predictability:

Simplify services and make maintenance costs more predictable.

Higher availability:

We have many spares for replacement parts.

Maximum pump life:

Our pumps are well-planned, reliability engineering so our pumps can last longer.

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Bottom FAQ

like any other equipment, slurry pump require also proper and regular maintenance to operate excellently. Because poorly maintained pumps can lose a pump work efficiently.  You should maintain the pump and check it regularly and if there’s a complicated problem contact our experts to help you.

 We need a coal washing machine because it can save energy and water. Why? It only occupies a small area. And it only employs fewer people. 


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