Heavy-duty pump

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  • High mechanical strength

  • High temperature resistance.

  • Stable operation and high efficiency

  • Low noise and low vibration

Heavy Duty Pump

A heavy duty slurry pump is an essential piece of equipment for any plant that manufacturer chemicals, mining’s and others. It is capable of moving large volume of slurry using heavy duty sludge pump. A industrial centrifugal pumps are among the most common type of pumps found in industrial application. This heavy-duty sump pump is an important piece of equipment for any water-cooled system, and it is used to control the flow of the water inside the slurry pump.
The Kingda slurry pump has ability to handle high viscosity materials with ease. We develop high quality, heavy duty but low budget slurry pumps. We have all the expertise, technical facilities to meet all your equipment needs. Our products are used in most aggressive applications including mining, construction, metallurgy, power plants, water treatment, dredging and in chemical plants.

Product Category

Industrial sewage pumps
Industrial sump pumps
Standard centrifugal pumps
Shallow Well Pump
Irrigation Pump
Trash pumps

Product Advantages


Versatility is the most one of the important features of a slurry pump for multiple application,andhas proven performance.

Maintenance and optimization

Easily interchangeable parts. Quick service and maintenance with local inventory and deployment.

numerous application

Mining and mineral processing, sand and gravel, dredging, iron , diamond, alumina, coal, gold, kaolin, pulp and more

Global expertise, local support

Pumping professionals in over 100 countries in the world. With 98% good reviews. And 73+ development history.


  • Industrial water supply
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Waste water treatment plant
  •  Sea water suction 
  • Water supply for fire fighting
  • Boiled Water feed
  • Hot water for school, dormitory etc
  • Mining
  •  Swimming pools
  • Chemical and oils

Other Features

  • High viscosity
  • High pressure
  • Runs dry without damage
  • High temperature
  • High vacuum
  • External bearing chamber
  • Shaft seals available
  • Externally timed gears
  • Slow speed for long wear and low shear
  • Reversible flow 

Why Choose Us

Kingda covers a total area of more than 300 acres, with a total construction area of more than 80,000 square meters. It can produce 10,000 sets of various industrial impurity pumps such as slurry pumps, dredging pumps, desulfurization pumps, and canned pumps, and 2,800 tons of various pump accessories.

Product Process


Product Detailed design according the main parameters including head, flow, coupling, power, RPM, discharge diameter, layout etc previously confirmed with the customer.


Material content test is carried out in casting to make sure that the material can meet the technical requirements and lay a solid foundation for later process.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment ( annealing,normalizing, and tempering) to improve the performance of the iron cast part, such as hardness, flexibility, wear resistance , corrosion resistance.


Machining the rough parts to guarantee the dimensions accuracy indicated in the drawings. Before and after the machining , the heat treatment is done


The package is moisture-proof, fall proof and insect proof, so that the pump can safely reach the user’s location

Kingda offer the best slurry pump

High-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, design, manufacture, sales and service of all series pumps and systems.

our service

  • Kingda has strong R&D capabilities and manufacturing capabilities, 
  • Provide 24/7 breakdown service. You can’t always predict a failure. So, whether it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night, ensure you’re covered by finding a service provider you can rely on.
  •  Fulfill warranty claims. If something goes wrong, you need to trust your provider to make it right — quickly and hassle-free. Your service partner should not be one to over promise and under deliver
  • Offer local service & OEM parts. Your pumps are on-site — and your technicians should be too. Don’t poison your pump with pirated parts
  •  Look at more than just your pumps. Because your pumps are a part of a unique slurry system, your service techs must install and maintain them in accordance with your application and environment — not just to the pump specifications.

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