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Kingda is one of the most renowned slurry pump manufacturer in China. They have been known for having the best quality slurry pump around the globe.

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What Is HH slurry Pump?

In mining, sand, lead, and many other industries, such as electric utilities, copper, oil shale, agriculture, etc., high-head centrifugal slurry pumps are frequently used to transport corrosive/abrasive and high-concentration slurries. The best overall operating cost is provided by high-head slurry pumps, which are end-suction, split-case, and centrifugal slurry pumps. These pumps have great wear life while maintaining efficiency throughout the wear cycle.

Types of HH Slurry Pumps that Vary

Submersible HH slurry pump

When it comes to sumps, dirty water, waste water treatment systems, gray water, waste water, water transfer, and mechanical pressure pump applications, high head sump pumps are submersible pressure pumps especially intended for circumstances with longer or larger pipe lengths .

Centrifugal HH Slurry pump

To suit your needs, various construction and seal materials are offered for these heavy-duty high-pressure pumps. Pull-from-rear construction allows for simple maintenance without damaging any pipes. A closed impeller with high efficiency maximizes performance. Pumps are closely connected to Open Drip Proof (ODP) or Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motors.

Multi stage HH Slurry Pump

A pump with two or more impellers connected in series is referred to as a multistage pump. Therefore, a pump of this type will have several series-connected liquid chambers or stages. Each stage has an impeller, a diffuser that functions as both a diffuser and return guide vanes, all of which are contained within the same stage casing.

Vertical HH slurry pump

 As the bearings are located outside the pit, these pumps’ unique shaft & maintenance design allows the volume to fall inside the pit. Instead of using a filling container to cover the shaft, this type of pump uses a throttle bushing.

Horizontal HH Slurry pump

These types of pumps have two impellers or more. In the pumping sector, these pumps are employed. Each stage essentially serves as a divide pump. All of the phases are located on the same shaft and housed in the same shelter. A single horizontal shaft must have a minimum of eight stages installed on it; otherwise, more stages may be added.

Sand Gravel HH Slurry Pump

Able to transport huge particles over long distances with a high head and pressure at a constant rate, which lowers expenses. The inside profile of the casing is large to lower related velocities and increase component life. designed to pump gravels with a wide particle distribution that is quite aggressive.

Product Advantages

Compactness of HH Slurry Pump

When particular metallurgies are required for demanding applications, the compactness of the pump helps create a more affordable solution by decreasing weight with smaller pump cases and seals. A smaller footprint and lower foundation expenses result in lower installation costs.

Simplicity of HH Slurry Pump

Due to the fact that they have fewer parts than multistage pumps, low-flow, high-head centrifugal pumps are quick and straightforward to maintain. Shimming and time-consuming installation are reduced by a single stage and naturally bigger clearances. Additionally, there are fewer replacement pump parts that need to be kept on hand.

High Efficiency of HH slurry Pump

With less disk (impeller) friction losses, high-head pumps operating at faster speeds provide by far the best efficiency in the low-flow regions. Every pump has hydraulics that is specifically sized to match the BEP to the needs of the customer.

Ease to Re-rates of HH Slurry Pump

If the process conditions vary over time, it is simple to re-rate high-head pumps by altering the impeller, diffuser, speed, and inducer geometry.

HH Slurry pump Installation

Pumps should, of course, be installed securely, but so should the pipework. Never promote one by using the other. The system’s other parts must not be subjected to any pressures or strains from any other components, and each component must be positioned securely. Make sure the pipe is exactly centered with the pump’s input flange.

HH slurry pump solid suspension

Filters can cause a significant pressure decrease, cavitation, and friction loss. The free area of the pipe cross-section should be at least three times larger than the filter screen. To spot any increasing pressure decrease before clogging issues materialize, run a differential pressure gauge across the screen.

Slurry Pump Turbulence and Friction

When the fluid is delivered in a surge-free, smooth, laminar flow, pumps, and particularly centrifugal pumps, operate most effectively. Any turbulence affects performance and hastens the deterioration of the pump’s bearings, seals, and other parts.

Features of the HH Slurry Pump

Kingda has been the top performing slurry pump manufacturer in China, As a matter of fact, they are the first ever manufacturing company that focus on slurry pump production. They have established their name abroad as one of the most trusted slurry pump manufacturers. They’ve been recognized with different awards and recognition for their dedication to producing world-class designs of pumps that surely solve every industry’s problem with sludge.

use cases for our HH slurry pumps

HH Slurry Pump Friction head

The head needed to overcome the flow resistance in the pipe and fittings is known as the friction head. It depends on the size, state, and type of pipe, the quantity and kind of pipe fittings, the flow rate, and the kind of liquid being used.

HH Slurry Pump Velocity head

The energy that a liquid has as a result of moving at a certain speed is known as the velocity head (V). The head required to accelerate the water is the equivalent head in feet that the water would need to pass through to reach the same velocity.

HH Slurry pump Pressure Head

When a pumping system starts from or empties into a tank that is under pressure other than atmospheric, pressure head must be taken into account. Such a tank’s pressure must first be translated into feet of liquid. The system head must be increased when there is a vacuum in the suction tank or a positive pressure in the discharge tank; otherwise, the system head would be decreased.

HH Slurry Pump Total Dynamic Discharge Head

The total dynamic discharge head is composed of the static discharge head, velocity head at the pump discharge flange, and total friction head in the discharge line. The reading of a gauge at the discharge flange converted to feet of liquid, and corrected to the pump centerline is the total dynamic discharge head, as measured on the pump test.

One Stop Best Slurry Pump Solution

Kingda is the most popular slurry pump manufacturer in China. They’ve been recognized around the globe for their outstanding designs and Advancement.

Services Offered by Kingda

Kingda is able to offer various slurry pumps for any needs that the market may have. a well-known business that offers high-quality pumps and excellent customer service. Kingda can assist without any limitations

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Bottom FAQ

A high-head slurry pump is one that discharges at a pressure (or head) that is significantly higher than the suction pressure. A big impeller diameter, fast rotational speed, and/or several stages are necessary for a high-head (or high -pressure) centrifugal pump.

Centrifugal pump.

Axial flow pump.

Mixed flow pump.

Reciprocating pump.

In mountainous terrain, reciprocating pumps are utilized to pump water. Comparatively speaking, reciprocating pumps are less efficient than centrifugal pumps. Pump with a high head but low discharge: reciprocating.

Axial flow pump: In this, the head is produced by the vanes’ propulsion. Both the liquid’s entrance and exit from the impeller are axial. These pumps have a low head but a very large discharge.

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