Horizontal Slurry Pump

Kingda supplies complete  modern type of slurry pumps


  • Heavy duty and High Standard


  • Operated normally for insufficient Suction


  • Light weight


  • Good wear-resistant

Horizontal Slurry Pump

What is horizontalslurry pump? This pump is always installed on the ground, and it is the most common type of different kind of slurry type. It is usually used in pumping to move sand and deposit with long distance. The horizontal pump is design for continuous pumping of highly abrasive and corrosive frothy slurries. This horizontal froth pumps are widely used in metallurgy, coal washing, sewage treatment,mining,dredging and petroleum industries. We have different kind like horizontal slurry pump peristaltic pump with strong and flexible features.

Horizontal pump

Submersible Horizontal Slurry pump

This slurry pump is contained compact with the portable unit house, This system allows it to work heavy-duty with a high chrome pumping unit, and it can work even though electricity power is not available .

Centrifugal Horizontal Light Duty Rubber

The centrifugal horizontal slurry pump parts are wear-resistant and have excellent material, wide flowing passage, and advanced structure. It can be used at power plant, dredging, mining, industries, and gravel.

Heavy Duty Mining Horizontal slurry pump

Heavy-duty mining horizontal slurry pump is designed for continues pumping of highly abrasive slurries with containing large particles at high maintained efficiencies. It is a lubricated heavy-duty slurry pump and high chrome parts.

Horizontal High Pressure Electric Diesel

It is a pump for agricultural irrigation. This product depends on rotation of the impeller to work. This high-pressured pump is mainly used for industrial and urban water supply drainage, fire pressurization and many more. 

Electric Horizontal Centrifugal Big Solid Slurry Pump

This pump works through the transfer of the rotational energy from the working driven rotors, called the impellers. This pump has a high advantage in energy efficiency. It is mainly for water sewage and waste water.

High Chrome Alloy Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump

This pump is designed for non- stop and continuous pumping of   abrasive and high-density slurries with low- cost maintenance. The main advantage of this pump is, it’ll remain and maintain high efficiencies with its components.

Product Advantages


Horizontal slurry pumps have a strong and concrete foundation,
and the slurry pumps are usually longer than the vertical ones. 


The pump can either be close coupled, has a gearbox in between, or a long coupled. The motor is usually located on the same horizontal plane.

Heavy duty

The horizontal slurry pump is the strongest in handling highly abrasion materials. The pump conveys high concentration on fine particle slurry.

Good wear resistant

Industrial transport of corrosive pump valve, stable performance, durability, strong foundation and has a wide flow passage on slurries.

Parts of Horizontal Pump

  • Bearing assembly
  • Liners
  • Elastomer seal 
  • Impeller
  • Cast in impeller threads
  • Throatbush
  • External impeller 

Special Features

  • Enhance Performance
  • Has special shape of the impeller
  • Easily removable shaft sleeve
  • Hardened steel 
  • Ceramic coated steel 
  • Has protection of abrasive or corrosive contaminants.


  • Minerals Flotation Processing
  • Coal Washing
  • Chemical Medium Processing
  • Mining’s
  • Industrials 
  • Irrigations

Kingda Advantage

Kingda has dedication, business ethics, and above all leadership. Our manufacturer has a mission of setting the highest standards, safety, reliability, and containment. Kingda promises to build brand loyalty by delivering slurry pumps, slurry pumps, and services. We spent constant evolutions of solutions, and technological upgrading to meet the wants of our prospect buyers

Manufacture Scene

Casting Shop

We style and design with the finest materials. We offer you the most conscientious customer service. This includes a customized design slurry pumps. We have a very big inventory to fulfill and ensure our customer’s needs and our manufacturer supply to all over the world.

Machining Workshop

Kingda has the ability of material inspection on welding, casting, machining, and testing performance of the pump. We have a maximum weight and diameter of casting. With an annual production of 1500-120,000 pumps.

Assembly Workshop

Our assembly workshop is responsible for general testing, coating, and any processes of slurry pumps. It has automatic painting, drying, and catalytic treatment. We can assemble tk 1200(150 tons) dredge pump, 1 submersible pump.

Number One Horizontal Slurry Pumps

We have a lot of experience in pump worker’s installation and we are very aware of any onside applications. We could provide any outside application.

our service

  • We engineer and manufacture complete lines of products within specific categories
  • We made durable slurry pump.
  • We offer wholesale to our valued customer
  • Designs rear adjustment to reduce internal clearances to improve efficiency as they wear.
  • Our researcher always doing another research to improve our slurry pump move
  • We are always happy to answer your inquiries 24/7
  • We offer product shipping by via sea, freight and land trasport.

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Bottom FAQ

Made of cast iron, this is a very heavy pump, strong.

We use these to move water from a holding tank, straight up 8 feet, horizontal for about 50 feet and it works great

Yes, Please make sure the water temperature is below 95°F when using.
If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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