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Kingda is the most preeminent company producing super duty, top quality industrial centrifugal pump.

  • Corrosion Resistant


  • Proven Reliability


  • Low Maintenance


  • Application Versatility

kingda industrial centrifugal pump

The industrial centrifugal pump is a highly versatile option for a wide variety of applications. It is commonly used in chemical plants to move fluids around. This pump can pump highly viscous fluid. It is very useful to raise a liquid or induce flow from a low level to high level. The fluid is typically moved from one tank to another or from one process to another. A continuous-duty motor can function non-stop for up to 24 hours. The industrial centrifugal pump is designed by our engineers as a component allowing them to be easily maintained . These are the common application of centrifugal pump in industry: Chemical industry, Irrigation systems, Water treatment plants, Oil refineries, Paper mills, and many more.

Kingda pump is the most outstanding manufacturer of centrifugal pump in the industry. We make a wide variety of pumps such as centrifugal slurry pump, industrial pumps small centrifugal pump. We will offer our customer an excellent pump that best meets your application.

best product of kingda

sanitary grade industrial centrifugal pump
monoblock industrial centrifugal pump
magnetic drive industrial centrifugal pump
electric self priming centrifugal pump
horizontal multi-stage industrial centrifugal pump
high pressure industrial centrifugal pump

primary advantage of industrial centrifugal pump

proven realibility

 Evaluate design and construction features to ensure the specified pump will be durable enough to operate under the most extreme conditions in planned application.

low maintenance

Industrial centrifugal pump has low routine maintenance requirements because it is designed in a high-quality materials.

energy efficiency

Industrial centrifugal pumps rank high in energy efficiency compared to other pumping technologies. Their efficiency cost both in the short term of unit.

corrosion resistance

Even when used for extremely corrosive chemicals, the pumps are able to withstand these conditions and deliver enhanced return on investment.

how to choose pump

There are many different types of pump designs. Each pump has advantages and disadvantages, which is why it’s critical to carefully consider your needs before selecting a design type. Different factors that can influence the type of pump you select are pressure, temperature, and viscosity. There are numerous advantages to using an industrial pump, regardless of the pump you select for your specific needs. It is simple to maintain, have high-quality levels even if compared to other pumps, and is useful to carry liquids that have solids or chemicals that are abrasive.

common application of industrial centrifugal pump

Industrial centrifugal pump is the usual type of pump that is useful in different industry. Industrial pumps have different components like its impeller that create centrifugal force, this is the one who works to move fluid into the pump from one place to another place. This pump is useful in terms of transporting large volumes of liquids, so it is mainly used in irrigation, wastewater treatment and water treatment plants.

advantage of industrial centrifugal pump

  • There are no drive seals, therefore the risk of leaks is completely eradicated. This means that hazardous liquids can be pumped without spillage. This ensures that nearly 100% of the motor power is converted into pumping power.
  • No heat transfer from the motor -the pump chamber is separated from the motor by an air gap.
  • Complete separation from the process media means that liquid cannot seep into the motor from the pump.
  • Reduce friction.
  • Magnetic coupling can be broken if the load of the pump is too great. By the magnetic coupling breaking, it means the pump does not overload and gets damaged.

trust kingda

Kingda assures our customers that we will provide top-quality products and services, and reasonable prices for industrial centrifugal pumps. We offer high-performance pumping solutions and are available in different sizes. As a manufacturer of industrial centrifugal pump, we guarantee the quality of our pumps. Our experts perform excellent planning to give you good-quality pumps.

industrial application of centrifugal pump

chemical industry

In chemical plants, centrifugal pumps are commonly used to move liquid. It transport chemical from one place to another like for example, from a tank to a reactor. These are a common application:

  • Pumping flammable liquids
  • Pumping fluid
  • Pumping corrosive fluids
  • Pumping chemicals
  • Pumping viscous fluid

water treatment plants

Water treatment plants use it extensively for a variety of applications. They are used to transport water from one location to another in order to circulate water throughout the plant.

  • Disinfection application
  • Filtration application
  • Saltwater desalination

food processing plants

Industrial centrifugal pumps are widely used in food processing plants. These are some common uses of centrifugal pumps in food processing:

  • Transporting fluids from one place to another.
  • Recirculating fluids during purification.
  • Cooling liquids during distillation.
  • Transfer fluids to and from storage tanks.

Military applications

Some common types of industrial centrifugal pump used in military applications include: 

  • Hydraulic pumps on shipboard
  • Equipment pumps ground support
  • Fuel pump aircraft

kingda is the leading manufacturer of industrial centrifugal pump

Kingda pump is one of the best manufacturers in terms of industrial centrifugal pumps. We offer to customize your pump for your specific needs. With a wide range of machines and individual adaptations, Kingda offers you exactly what you need to ensure your satisfaction. We made our customers successful and have repeatedly provided the market with inspiration.

our services offered

Kingda offers services like:

  • We offer assistance technically to our industrial clients to commission and install the pumps effectively.
  •  We guide and partner with our customers to select the best pump for their installation.
  •  We provide expert advice and responsive service you can trust.
  • We stock an extensive range of pumps and spares sourced from around the globe. Our technical service division manufactures and repairs pumps with fast turnaround, and we deliver anywhere in the world.

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Bottom FAQ

The industrial centrifugal pump is a highly versatile option for a wide variety of applications. It is commonly used in chemical plants to move fluids around. This pump can pump highly viscous fluid.

  • Sanitary-grade industrial centrifugal pump
  • Monoblock industrial centrifugal pump
  • Magnetic drive industrial centrifugal pump and many more.
  • Proven reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chemical industry
  • Food processing plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Military application

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