Lime Slurry Pump

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Lime Slurry Pump

What is lime slurry? Lime is a calcium hydroxide, a versatile mineral. And large companies used lime for wide variety of application including manufacturing and construction it is an essential component of component of cement. Lime slurry also does not dissolve in water. In this case this company uses limestone pump, selecting the right pump for lime is critical, you need to ensure that the slurry has special features like non-clogging pump, and can work properly without crushing and tearing.
The sand slurry pump and lime slurry pump have a similar pump that needs to be heavy-duty and high-quality to work efficiency. Hydrated lime slurry pumping is main use for these industries. 

Related products

Sand and Gravel Pump

Type Pump: Centrifugal slurry pump
Drive Type: ZVz/CRz/CV/DC
Power: Motor / Diesel
Size: 3″ to 19″
Max Capacity: 55,540 gpm ( 12,600 m3/h)
Max Head: 270ft (82m)

Hydraulic Slurry Pump

Pump Type: Submersible slurry pump
Power: Motor/ Diesel
Size: 4” to 18”
Maximum Flow: 2300
Pump body: Iron
Feature: Long working life and Rotation speed lead are low.

Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

Pump Type: Centrifugal slurry pump
Drvie Type: CV
Power: Motor / Diesel
Size: 2″ to 18″ (26 mm to 460 mm)
Max Head: 2450ft (73
Max Capacity:23,000 gpm (5,000 m3)

High Head Slurry Pump

Type Pump: Sump Pump
Maximum Head:  27ft
Maximum flow rate: 54m3/h
Horsepower: 40hp
Material: Cr27
Cable Length:100m

Vertical Slurry Pump

Type Pump: Centrifugal Slurry Pump
Maximum head:160m
Maximum flow rate: 1450 m3/h
Sizes of casting:3-8 vanes 
Material : Cr27
Motor: IP68

Submersble slurry pump

Type Pump: Sewage pump
Maximum head: 55m
Maximum flow rate: 71 m3/h
Head: 55m
Hours power: 20hp
Cable Lenght:8m
Material: Iron

Lime slurry pump Advantages

Low maintenace
High Accurate flow
Corrosion resistant

Other terms of Lime slurry

  • Calcium Hydrate
  • Portlandite
  • Milk of Lime
  • Limewater
  • Calcium Di hydroxide
  • Calcium Hydroxide

Lime Application

  • Asphalt roads
  • Building foundations
  • Stabilization for roads
  • Added to low quality soil
  • Constructions

Company Advantage

Kingda company is one of the companies that have the best source of heavy duty and high-quality pump. For widely used applications like hard rock, aggregate production, power generation, and mineral processing. As one of the best and famous manufacturers of slurry pumps, we provide value to our customer with good and high standard pumps

Kingda Lime Slurry Pump

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Bottom FAQ

This engineered pump is specially designed for heavy duties which means handling liquids with low and high viscosities, pressure up to 80 bar and temperature up to 400ºc, also suitable for more or less abrasive products which may cause extraordinary wear of the pump components.

The most common type of slurry pump is the centrifugal pump. These pumps use a rotating impeller to move the slurry, similar to how a water-like liquid would move through a standard centrifugal pump.

A slurry pump is a class of centrifugal or submersible pump designed for pumping liquid containing solid particles and which may also contain solvents, acids, alcohols, or petroleum. Slurry pumps are subject to additional wear and are commonly more robust than other pumps.

Pump wear is normally confined to the valves; with a typical life of approximately 3 to 6 months depending on the slurry and application. If the slurry is acidic, then corrosion resistant materials should be used.

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