Mud slurry Pump

Kingda mud pump a non-clogging pump with high quality  features.

  • Low wear resistance


  • Low abrasiveness


  • Leak-proof


  • Heavy duty


mud Slurry Pump

Mud pump has low wear resistance. This pump commonly made at cast iron. Mud pump is very important part of drilling machinery. This custom drilling mud pump and slurry pump are both kind of impurity mud. There are 4 types of mud pumps 1.Piston Mud Pumps 2.Plunger Mud Pumps 3. Diaphragm Mud Pump 4. Peristaltic Mud Pump. This mud pump has different variety of application and also different mud pump price. The 4 inches mud pump and small mud pump are durable pump that can work under water and can be use in daily use. The submersible mud pump and industrial mud pump has very efficient operation and non-clogging features.

Types of Mud Pumps

Piston Mud Pump

This kind of mud pump is the most common type of pump. This pump is used to draw mud from the pit, and it will force to the drill trough the hose. Piston pumps are very durable, and it will handle a lot of pressure, but it can be challenging to operate.

Plunge Mud Pump

This mud pump work similarly with piston mud pump the only difference is they use a pludger instead of piston. The only dis advantage of Plunger mud pump are not durable and this pump can only handle limited amount of presure and the advantage is you can operate much easier .

Diaphragm Mud Pump

This pumps is used to draw mud from pit. Even though they are less powerfull than other pump but this pump is much cheaper than other pump. Diaphragm mud pump are also easier to operate. It is usually use in small scale operations.

Peristaltic Mud Pump

Peristaltic pumps is tge most expensive type of mud but this pump is also the most powerful pump. The only disadvantage of this pump is its not easier to operate it is the most difficult pump to operate. This pump are used in large-scale mining and drilling operations .

Product Advantages


Kingda mud pump can help increase the efficiency of any drilling operations as a result you will use less wear on the equipment and also it can help to make the operation faster.

Safety ness

Kingda always ensure the safety ness of our clients we create a mud pump provides pumps that reduces the risk of overheating and fire by improving in cooling the drill bit.


We improve the accuracy of the pump for drilling operations to prevent the drill bit from excessive heat build-up. Kingda always make sure that our pumps are high standards.

Low Maintenance

Kingda help reduce the maintenance cost of the mud pump by reducing the need for frequent replacement of
the pump spare parts and other parts .

Application of Mud Pump

  • Drilling Operation
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Geothermal Operation
  • Coal Seam
  • Potash Mining
  • Water Well Drilling
  • Tunnelling
  • Pipeline Operations

Mud Pump Work Principle

Mud Pump is the motor drives the piston through can cause the change of the enclose volume and it will change the form of different pressure changes inside and outside the mud pump. Motor drives the impeller to rotate and it will comple the water absorption and drainage passage by kinetic energy.

Kingda Advantage

Kingda can provide the best mud pump and high quality pump that you can use in different kind of application. We provide various pump system design and installation, we will offer the most suitable solution for your pumping projects.

Steel Casting

Kingda pumps always ensure that our product are leak-free and high quality from casting , free from adhering,hot tears and other imperfections.


Our product has quality materials that allow our pumps to operate without obvious vibrations and some abnormal sounds.

Mechanical Seal

Our Pump has mechanical seal materials  that suitable for any different kind of application  and can endure abrasive wear , corrosive, and some installed system. 

Kingda mud slurry pump

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