sludge pump

SGH series sludge pumps are ideal for pumping viscous liquids. The pump’s outlet direction can be rotated 360° and has the benefits of easy installation, good cavitation, anti-abrasion, and high efficiency.

Pump outlet diameter (mm): 300~400
Flow (m³/h): 2000~6000
Head (m): 30~85
Efficiency: 80%

sludge pump types

Single/double casing available.
Single-casing pumps: small size and space-saving.
Double-casing pumps: replaceable liners, which save maintenance costs.

It is suitable for Vertical shaft working conditions, with complete motor protection measures, High pressure-bearing properties, and high-chromium wear-resistant alloys for overcurrent parts.

Structure of a double pump casing. The lining and impeller materials are made of wear-resistant metal, which is extremely cost-effective and has a high head, high efficiency, good wear resistance, stable performance, and good cavitation performance.

The KSL series pumps have a double pump casing structure, and the lining and impeller can be made of either replaceable wear-resistant metal or rubber, which is suitable for different working conditions, ensuring that the pump is always working efficiently and reducing energy consumption.

Sludge/Sludge Pumps

What is Sludge?

Sludge in the industry means the water contains silt, mud, fine particles, viscosity, and corrosive substances.

In industry, we need to dispose of this sludge to prevent environmental impact.

What is a Sludge Pump?

To prevent the presence of big particles in the sludge leading to pump blockage, the slurry pump must be wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and smoothly outputting. The average number of impeller pieces is 3–5, and the overflow parts are made of the A05 material to resist wear and corrosion.

Helping you solve pumping problems

Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to select the best sludge pump for your needs; we have a professional pump selection team at our factory who can assist you in selecting a sludge pump that offers advantages in terms of both cost and quality.

Our pump selection engineers are all senior technicians with a combined 40 years of experience. Simply inform them of the size, hardness, viscosity, corrosiveness, and other key parameters of the media to be conveyed, and you will get a sludge pump with a long life and low cost.

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