slurry Agitator Pump

Kinda always making sure that our pumps are new and high quality standard.


  • Can stand long term wear and abrasion.


  • Use for any flotation platform


  • Can pump stubborn and settled sediment


  • Good for industrial, mining, milling, power plant, water treatment, sewage

what is Slurry pump Agitator?

Slurry agitator pumps and electric agitator pumps are suitable for most demanding jobs. The agitator was installed on the motor shaft. This pump are design industrial, mining and power plants. Kingda product pumps always promise for a specific application criterion. Our product is abrasive-resistant, high-chromium alloy steel, and has reliable pump life with high efficiency and double mechanical seal.
Do you know that pumps without agitator only pump water?This Agitator slurry pumps deliver energy of motion to slurry solids. It will intake and resuspend it into a fluid.

Agitator Slurry Pump

Horizontal Slurry Pump

Kingda offers the number one horizontal slurry pump with the latest and with high-performance wear parts technologies. We also offer anti-corrosive and abrasive slurry to apply to a wide variety of pumping industries. This pump can be used in chemical processing, coal preparation, mineral processing, and any other specialty applications.

Submersible Slurry Pump

Submersible Slurry pump has a very special features this pump is a non-clogging design for high solid applications. It has a high tolerance that allow anything that goes inside to the pump to be passed for discharge without issue. This pump can be used at mining, pools, irrigation, sewage water, power plant, ,mining, bearing house.

Hydraulic Slurry Pump

This hydraulic submersible pump is designed for construction industries. The impeller has a good design to ensure that the pump will be working well and efficiently. This pump can be used in clean and contaminated slurry and water on buildings and sites and excavations. This pump can be use in after a floor grinding job, and irrigations.

Product Advantages

Quick Attach
stand long term wear
High Standard
Heavy duty


  • Pressure:(305psi) 2,200 kPa
  • Delivery Head: (110 m) 360 ft
  • Size Delivery: 25 mm to 500 mm 
  • Temperature: 1-85°C


  • Mineral processing
  • Chemical slurry
  • Food processing
  • Pulp and paper
  • Ash handling
  • Fine primary mill grinding

Available Materials

  • Polyurethane
  • Neoprene 
  • Hard chrome casting
  • Natural rubber 
  • Sic Ceramic

Company Advantage

Kingda specializes in designing and manufacturing to supply a wide range of slurry pumps. Our slurry pumps are used in aggressive applications including construction, minings, power plants, and water treatment. We ensure that we have all the technical expertise to meet all the quality that you are asking for



Please check all the guards and shields. Always operate on a flat and leveled surface when implementing tractors to prevent dangerously movements. And before starting always check that the body has no foreign such as soil, stone, and other substances. Check the position of pump.


Please put some grease on the rotary shaft before testing the slurry pumps. Be sure to cover sliding parts with grease before the driveline will be remounted. Check 0il before using .


Never allow anyone to stand between the tractor, and please prevent damage to the gears and check all the levels of lubricant. Check all the danger and warning stickers. Replace spare parts if necessary. Always check the cooling water level.

Kingda Slurry Agitator Pump

The number 1 slurry pump manufacturing in China. We manufactured non-clogging and efficient pumps. 

our service

  • We guide and partner our customers to select the best pump for their installation.
  • Provide online guidance
  • Support multiple payment methods (Prepaid 30% available)
  • You can tell us your plan.
  • We can help you customize the pump you need.
  • Kingda takes “warm service, quick response, accurate judgment, and honest treatment” as its after-sales service tenet and “customer first” as its service principle.
  • We have a diverse range of vertical slurry pumps including semi and fully submersible sump pumps designed to meet the most demanding requirements and offering the benefits of high capacity, high head and anti-bogging technology.

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Yes, you can hook a hose up to this.

The answer is NO. The pump is made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant reinforced thermoplastic materials.

No. We don’t have any maximum orders.

Yes, we are offering wholesale. Please email us for more information.

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