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What is Slurry Pumps Vertical

Slurry Pumps Vertical are highly configurable pumping equipment designed to reduce maintenance and operating costs. They require less floor space than horizontal slurry pumps and small slurry pump. Also wear parts of tis pump are made of hard metal or rubber. 

Our diverse range of Kingda slurry pumps are engineered to meet the most demanding requirements and offer the benefits of high capacity, high head and innovative anti-bogging technology.

Product Category

Submersible Slurry Pump

Submersible slurry pumps are divided into electric submersible sand pump and hydraulic submersible dredge pump . The submersible slurry pump is suitable for conveying liquid with slurry, solid particles of gravel, cinders and tailing.

Vertical water Pump

These pumps are non-self priming, vertical, multistage, in-line pumps with flanges. Impellers, chambers, and pressure casings are stainless steel. These water pumps are key solutions to a wide range of water transfer applications. It only requires small surface area.

Sand Slurry Pump

 It is simply classified as sand pump, slurry pump and gravel pump. S and slurry pump machine is most commonly used in pumping system that move sand deposits to long distance. Their special rubber lining making them the  perfect  pump in sand industry.

Centrifugal slurry pump

These pumps are effective dredging machines for slurry or mud extraction and long distance transportation. It has the ability to pump high density abrasive slurries with adequate wear life. They also has the ability to pass large diameter solids. Perfect for mining industries.

Vertical Sump pump

These are partial submersible pumps, means their impellers and at least part of their casings are placed beneath the fluid to be pumped, while the main power mechanism is kept above the fluid. They’re generally made so that a little bit of fluid or splash will not do any damage to the motor.

Hydraulic Submersible Pump

These pumps are a device which has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. These pumps utilizes a machine’s or vehicle’s hydraulic system as power source for high volume fluid pumping. Hydraulic oil flow is led to the hydraulic submersible pump through the pressure line.

Product Advantages


With Kingda’s product, we are able to withstand or overcome adverse conditions of slurry for exhibiting maximum strength.

Easy Maintenance

In this industry, pump are heavy used, making it hard to maintain but we aim for your ease. Our pump has been easier to maintain.

No leakage

Since our product are built with high quality, leakage is less expected. 


Our pumps have the power to transport heavy weights or perform physically heavy and hard tasks.

Slurry Pumps Vertical applications

These are common use of this pumps:

  • electric power
  • metallurgy
  • mining
  • coal
  • building materials,
  • chemical
  • other industrial sectors

Vertical Slurry Pump Material

The main materials used for the wear parts of slurry pumps at home and abroad are stainless steel, high chromium cast iron, and nickel hard cast iron. It is an anti-wear material with excellent performance. At the same time, it is also known as one of the best anti-abrasive materials in modern times.

Consider this when Buying Vertical Slurry Pump

Knowing the characteristics of the material is critical for choosing the most suited slurry pump.

  • Density of material to be pumped 
  • Viscosity of material to be pumped
  • Operating temperature of material

Purchase at KINGDA

In Kingda vertical slurry pump brands, we aim to meet all of our customer needs, no matter how arduous. Kingda is now a global leading supplier and developer of high performance pumping solutions for mining, aggregates, mineral processing, dredging, tunneling, water treatment and other industries that involve slurry or sewage, etc.

We have a diverse range of vertical slurry pumps including semi and fully submersible sump pumps designed to meet the most demanding requirements and offering the benefits of high capacity, high head and anti-bogging technology.

Slurry Pumps Vertical Parts


Front and rear shrouds have pump out vanes that reduce recirculation and seal contamination. Hard metal and molded elastomer impellers are complete interchangeable. Cast in impeller threads require no inserts or nuts. High efficiency and high head designs are also available.


 Casing halves of cast or ductile iron with external reinforcing ribs provide high operating pressure capabilities and an extra measure of safety.

Bearing Assembly

A large diameter shaft with a short overhang minimizes deflection and vibration for long bearing life. Heavy-duty roller bearing are housed in a removable bearing cartridge.


Wear is reduced and maintenance simplified by the use of tapered mating faces to allow positive accurate alignment during assembly and simple removal.


Kingda could provide various pump system design and installation services for any enterprise.

our service

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Bottom FAQ

These are pumping equipment designed to reduce floor space.

In electric power, metallurgy, mining, coal, building material, construction, etc.

Stainless steel, high chromium cast iron and nickel hard cast iron.

  • Density of material to be pumped
  • Viscosity of material to be pumped
  • Operating temperture of material

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