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PUMP WORKING PRINCIPLE (Knowledgeable content)

Slurry what does it mean?

The slurry is one of the most difficult fluids to transport. It is usually abrasive, thick, and occasionally corrosive with a high concentration of solids. For example, cement, starch or even manure. It have 2 main categories: the setting slurry and the non-setting slurry.

What is slurry pump? 

This pump is usually larger in size compared to other standard pumps. It is a centrifugal type and designed for moving fluid under the pressure of abrasive and solid fragment. Slurry pumps are usually used for applications where solids are present. Its component is made of wear-resistant metal or materials that are elastomeric which is suited for your specific application. It is mainly used in mining or in large-scale fabrication.

Kingda can supply the absolute range of pumps for medium or even heavy-duty slurry. We offer superior, extreme and spectacular value of pumps.  You can expect that our products are in super great service.



(KSH)Heavy duty slurry pumps

KSH type pump is mainly a horizontal centrifugal slurry pump, the frame plates and impeller are made of wear-resistant metal lining or rubber lining.

Applied in mining, coal, power metallurgy and other industrial sectors, mainly conveying strong abrasion, high concentration of slurry, and can be multi-stage tandem, easy to use, low maintenance costs.

(ZGB)High head slurry pumps

ZGB high-head slurry pump is mainly a single-stage, single suction, double casing centrifugal slurry pump, the impeller adopts a packing seal. 

Its mechanical seal ensures better that the slurry does not leak. A high head slurry pumpis a ahigh head range, very suitable for long-distance transportation of iron ore or mine tailings.

(KSHF)Foam pumps

KSHF foam pump adopts double casing pump structure, the overflow are made of Ni-hard, high chrome, or rubber material;

Foam pumps can be used in heavy foamy and high-viscosity slurries, with high conveying capacity, and no need for shaft seal and shaft seal water, it is an ideal pumps for conveying foam slurry.

(KSS) sump pump

The KSS sump pump is a vertical slurry pump that works mainly in water and is used for transporting municipal sewage.

It is suitable also in liquids containing fibre scraps and large particles, and high-density slurries. It is used also in dry wells, ponds, creeks, or even in the neighborhood drains this pump is very useful.

Kingda submersible pump

Kingda submersible pump is a machine that has hermitically sealed motor close-coupled in the body of the pump.

It is a pump that works mainly in a situation that involves water being extracted. This can be used primarily in flooded boats, in the flooded area, or in the groundwater in basements that have much water in them.

vertical slurry pump

A vertical slurry pump is designed that has a casing, impeller, and liner plate that is anti-abrasion and has a high chrome cast iron alloy.

It is a pump that is mainly designed to accommodate a large number of abrasive solids. It has a highly structured pumping tool designed to reduce maintenance and its operating costs.


The slurry pump is designed used in transporting abrasive solids in different industrial applications. It is often suitable for heavy-wearing and even heavy-duty uses. This is the industry that slurry pump can be used:

  • Mines
  • Power plants
  • Metallurgy
  • Coal
  • Chemical plants



There are many people who notice that pumping slurries is not as easy as they think. The slurry is usually heavy and difficult to pump. But there are steps that can help how to use the pump that makes it last longer. It can extend the life of the slurry pump and can help also with less hassle to make pumping slurries.

  • First, observe always the spot that makes the pump start. 
  • In order to reduce wear, lower the pump’s discharge pressure.
  • Lastly, follow proper piping principles.


Even if pumping slurries is not easy but with proper maintenance and equipment preference, the pump can be used for many years without worrying. It is also helpful that you will buy only from trusted manufacturers when choosing a slurry pump, don’t hesitate to choose Kingda.


When choosing a pump, no doubt we want a pump that is trouble-free performance. It’s important to look at the material selection. Kingda is the best pump manufacturer that can supply customers with high-quality pumps. It is designed to efficiently transport abrasive and corrosive slurries that are used in different industries. The design and materials we used in making slurry pumps are of incredible value that’s why we can assure our consumers that we will give you the best quality pump that is suitable for your specific needs. 

Slurry pumps have these advantageous strengths:

  • High abrasion resistance 
  • Long working life
  • Low energy consumption
  • Lightweight


In Kingda, we supply machines that are safe, reliable, and energy efficient. This industry has invested 650 million to build a new R @D, design, manufacturing, and sales base. It can produce various industrial pumps such as slurry pumps. We are gradually forming research and design. Our business team can help you with the price and shipping costs calculations. Come on! Be a member of Kingda pump users, and make your pump system easier and more reliable. We assure you that our service principle is “customer first”, we will serve you warm service, quick response, accurate judgment, and honest treatment.

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Bottom FAQ

A slurry is a semiliquid mixture, typically of fine particles of manure, cement, or coal suspended in water. It is usually stored in tank or lagoon.

Many people notice that pumping slurries is not easy that’s why there are a few steps that can help us how to choose the correct pumps. First, observe always the spot that makes the pump start, then, follow always the proper piping principles. And lastly, choose always Kingdapump.


Slurry pumps have these advantageous strengths:

  • High abrasive resistance
  • Long working life
  • Low energy consumption
  • Lightweight

In Kingda, we supply machines that are safe and energy efficient. This industry has invested 650 million to build a new R@D design, manufacturing, and sales base. We are gradually forming research and design. Our business team can help you with the price and shipping cost calculations.

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