Vertical Centrifugal Slurry pump Made in China

Kingda is a World-Class Pumping Solution Provider. We are being founded in 1949, providing a high performance pumping solutions for mining, aggregates. mineral processing etc.

  • Has excellent resistance to corrosion and sealing


  • It has an easy maintenance


  • Good versatility


  • This product has an energy-saving

China made High quality vertical centrifugal slurry pump

 What is a vertical centrifugal slurry pump and how does it work?

A vertical centrifugal slurry pump is a highly configurable pump that is intended to reduce maintenance and operating costs. They take up less floor space than horizontal pumps and have wear parts made of hard metal or rubber. It is mainly composed of an impeller, volute, rear liner plate, shaft sleeve, support plate, shaft, bearing, bearing body, and other parts. Vertical slurry pumps are mainly used to transport mud, mortar, ore slurry and similar liquids containing suspended solid particles. Slurry pump applications is suitable for conveying abrasive or corrosive slurries in various mining, chemical, electric power, building materials, agriculture, and other industries.

All vertical centrifugal slurry pump products made in China are with high precision and competitive price. We’re one of the leading and professional vertical pump manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are Kingda. Our company can provide also different types of pumps like pumps for slurry, slurry circulating pump, centrifuge pumps,  sludge pumps and many more. Customers are very welcome to check our price list.

top selling products

Vertical Inline Pumps

  Their suction and delivery are inline to provide a smooth flow of liquid through the system.

corrosion resistant vertical pump

 Corrosion resistant vertical pump is highly used for handling aggresive and corrosive liquids.

drilling mud vertical pump

 A drilling mud pump is a reciprocating piston designed to circulate drilling fluid under high pressure.

long shaft vertical pump

It is suitable for handling thin, clean, or slightly contaminated liquid such as water, chemicals, and cleaning product.

multi stage vertical pump

It is designed for industrial, commercial, and urban application including high rise apartments, and water supply.

non clogging vertical pump

This design allows the passing of solid objects equal to the width of the discharge of the pump.

Product Advantages

Good versatility

The vertical slurry pump has complete specifications and a wide range of application

energy saving

A vertical centrifugal slurry pump is energy saving because of variable frequency drives.

easy maintenance

The vertical slurry pump has the characteristics of light weight and easy installation.

corrosion resistant

The flow parts and the lining of the pump are made corrosion resistant to make the life longer.

Main application of vertical centrifugal slurry pump

  • Power plants
  • Washing of mining materials, quarries and aggregates
  • Coal, sewage, and sludge transfer
  • Mines
  • Wood pulp and paper
  • Chemical industry

special advantages of vertical centrifugal slurry pump

  • High chemical and thermal resistant 
  • Robust construction
  • Suitability for continuous operation
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Inexpensive spare parts

this are the features of vertical pump

  • For the part in contact with the liquid, no gland or metal methods are used.
  • Even if it runs automatically, there is no problem.
  • The handling is simple due to its trouble-free structure.

advantage of our company

 The vertical centrifugal slurry pump made in China are high-quality pumps at competitive prices. We specialize in designing and manufacturing pumps. Kingda has been a pump industry leader and innovator since 1949. We’re building on our ever-growing experience to deliver innovative pumping solutions to thousands of customers who use millions of Kingda pumps in some of the world’s toughest applications.

related products of vertical centrifugal slurry pump

heavy duty vertically immersed slurry pump

This pump is designed to accommodate large quantities of abrasive and soft solids with fibrous particles at high flows. Typically used in mining, paper, construction agriculture industry units are designed to handle liquids ranging from manure, or waste animal products at high volume .

Vertical spindle slurry pump

Vertical spindle slurry pump is designed for slurry handling out-of-pit, tank, or dam applications. Its vertical design combined with a small footprint and various shaft lengths makes it ideal for diverse mineral processing installations.

vertical turbine pump

Vertical turbine pumps can be found in a wide range of agricultural, municipal, and industrial applications. They are generally meant for clean water applications that require high pressure and high head.

vertical sump pump

Vertical sump pumps are intended for industrial pumping applications to pump clean or lightly contaminated liquid, fibrous slurries, and liquids containing large solids from the deep sumps. The pumping head is suspended into the pumped liquids and the drive motor is dry installed on the top.


Kingda is a leading manufacturer in China. Our company is a famous brand, especially when finding a pump. We will provide our consumers a heavy-duty pump services to a wide array of markets worldwide.

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It is a pump intended to reduce maintenance and operating ccostsost. They take up less floor space.

We serve 24/7 for our valued costumers and many more.

We ship air, sea, and land freight.

Power plants, washing of mining materials, quarries , chemical industry.

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