AH Slurry Pump: Why Do You Need this in Your Industry?

Slurry pumps of the AH, M, and HH series are horizontal pumps. Slurry transportation is critical to the success of a mine site operation, thus your pumping equipment must be up to the task. The AH, M, and HH series pumps also provide a comprehensive range for most mill operations, including cyclone feeds, regrind, flotation, and tailings.

Slurry pumps of the AH, M, and HH series are horizontal pumps. Slurry transportation is critical to the success of a mine site operation, thus your pumping equipment must be up to the task. The AH, M, and HH series pumps also provide a comprehensive range for most mill operations, including cyclone feeds, regrind, flotation, and tailings.

AH slurry pumps for heavy duty, with a wide selection of impellers and shaft seals, provide a great fit for a variety of applications. The TH slurry pump has an excellent wear life while remaining efficient throughout the wear cycle, resulting in the lowest total operating cost. These horizontal slurry pumps are intended for extreme-duty applications such as mill discharge, process plants, coal washing, dredging sands, tailings, and high-pressure pipelines, among others.

What is AH Slurry Pump?

The AH Slurry Pump is a horizontal centrifugal slurry pump designed for heavy duty applications. It is appropriate for a variety of mill jobs, ranging from dirty water to the most demanding water flushed crusher services. It is commonly utilized for supplying low density slurry to departments such as metallurgical, mining, coal, and building materials.

Features of AH Slurry Pump
  • Heavy-duty construction with a through-bolt design allows for easy maintenance and little downtime.
  • The fully lined ductile iron casing delivers durability, strength, safety, and long service life.
  • Impellers with large diameters, slow rotating speeds, and great efficiency are designed for maximum wear life and minimal running costs.
  • Internal channels that are large and open in order to reduce internal velocities, maximize wear life, and reduce operating expenses.
  • Thick elastomer or alloy bolt-in liners offer improved corrosion resistance as well as ease of liner change-out and interchangeability, lowering overall maintenance costs and increasing wear life.
  • Cartridge-style bearing assemblies enable clean-room maintenance without removing the pump, resulting in more dependable performance and longer bearing life.
  • Bearing assembly options with grease or oil lubrication provides ease of maintenance and decreased downtime.
  • The optional dry running shaft seal minimizes or eliminates the need for flush water.
  • The throatbush and impeller combination has been improved to improve efficiency and wear performance.
  • Seal arrangement interchangeability – full flush, low flow, centrifugal, or mechanical seals can be installed to any sized pump.
  • Bearing assembly has a cylindrical structure: it is easy to adjust the distance between the impeller and the front liner and it can be removed fully.
  • Interchangeable high-chrome alloy anti-abrasive wet parts.
  • The discharge branch can be positioned in any of eight 45-degree increments.
  • DC (direct connection), V-belt drive, gearbox reducer, hydraulic couplings, VFD, SCR control, and other drive types are available.
  • The packing seal, expeller seal, and mechanical seal are all used in the shaft seal.
Applications of AH Slurry Pump

Minerals processing, pipeline transport, high velocity hydraulic transport, coal preparation, cyclone feeds, aggregate processing, fine primary mill grinding, chemical slurry service, tailings, secondary grinding, industrial processing, pulp and paper, food processing, cracking operations, ash handling, and other applications are all possible with AH Series slurry pumps. Ah Heavy Duty Rotating Slurry Pumps are commonly used in mining, power, metallurgy, coal, deading, building material, and other manufacturing lines to pump focus, ashes, sewage, and other abrasive, high-density slurries.

Mineral Processing & Mining

The AH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump’s sluggish running speeds, along with a wide range of abrasion resistant metals and elastomers, give unrivaled performance and service life for all abrasive mining and minerals processing applications.

The Chemical Method

The modifiability of alloy and elastomer parts within the same pump casing, together with a diverse range of mechanical seals, makes the AH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump the most versatile option for chemical manufacturing applications.

Gravel & Sand

The AH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump is designed for an easy and simple strip down and re-assembly, reducing downtime and making it the best solution where installed standby pumps are not accessible.

Desulphurization of Flue Gases

Pumps is firmly established as a key provider of pumps to the FGD industry, because of a newly developed family of specifically formulated abrasion and corrosion-resistant alloys and cutting-edge elastomer technology.

Exploration for oil and natural gas

We have modified the proven design of the AH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump series over the years to satisfy the special needs of offshore applications. We can now offer the most dependable topside solution to erosive wear.

Commercial Applications

Wherever abrasive solids cause early pump failure, the AH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump line has the ideal combination of performance, wear life, and reliability to provide the lowest cost of ownership to the customer.

Other Specific Applications:
  • Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant
  • Plant for Copper Concentration
  • Plant for Gold Mine Concentration
  • Plant for Molybdenum Concentration
  • Fertilizer Plant for Potash
  • Other Mineral Processing Facilities
  • Alumina Manufacturing
  • Coal washing plant
  • Power Station
  • Excavation of Sand
  • Construction Materials Industry
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Other businesses
Specifications of AH Slurry Pump
  • Size: 8″ x 6″
  • The capacity is 360-828m3/h.
  • Head: 10-61m
  • 500-1140rpm maximum speed
  • NPSHr range: 2-9m
  • Eff.: 72%
  • Maximum power: 300kw
  • Solids handling: 63mm
  • Seal configuration: packing seal, evaporator seal, mechanical seal
  • Materials include high chromium alloy, rubber, polyurethane, ceramic, and others.
Advantages of AH Slurry Pump
Bearing set up

A large-diameter shaft with a short overhang decreases deflection and extends the life of the bearings. Only four through bolts hold the cartridge-style housing in place.


For positive connection and ease of maintenance, easily replaceable liners are bolted, not glued, to the casing. Hard metal liners and pressure-molded elastomer liners are interchangeable. An elastomer seal surrounds all liner joints.


Casing halves constructed of cast or ductile iron and reinforced on the outside allow for high working pressures and an extra layer of safety.


Minimize backflow and seal damage by pumping out vanes on the front and rear shields. Hard steel and sculpted rubber impellers are entirely interchangeable.

Cast-in impeller threads do not require plugs or nuts. Extremely high and high-head designs are available


The use of tapered mating faces allows for exact positive alignment during assembly and straightforward removal, reducing wear and simplifying maintenance.

A single-piece framework

The cartridge-type bearing and shaft assembly are held in place by an extremely strong one-piece frame.

The Overall Performance of the AH Series Slurry Pump
  • The pump features a horizontal frame and an axially vertical casing structure with double open, with a metal or rubber liner.It features a broad operating range, excellent cavitation performance, and great efficiency.
  • The bearing assembly is cylindrical and has a high-capacity bearing design. The bearing uses grease and oil lubrication to accommodate varying working conditions. My company invented the material for the flow parts and our unique patent, so the operation is steady and dependable, the cost is lower, and therefore the work performance is improved.
  • Adopt numerous speeds and methods to ensure the pump operates under optimal conditions. It has a long service life and a high operating efficiency, and it can handle various conveying circumstances.
  • Wearing parts have a long service life and are highly reliable. This type of pump has high efficiency and low energy consumption and allows for multistage series connections.
  • To suit the requirements of various operating situations, the shaft seal employs packing seals, Expeller seals, and mechanical seals. The pump and driver can be driven by a direct drive, V-belt drive, hydraulic coupling drive, or reducer drive. The pump’s outlet direction can be changed and installed at 8 angles to accommodate diverse on-site installation conditions.
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