Kingda Pump Group: Committed to Providing Excellent After-Sales Service

Encountering issues or lacking understanding of slurry pump technology?

Facing sudden malfunctions and unsure how to proceed with normal operation?

Extended downtime due to damaged parts replacement? Confused about post-maintenance operations?


Don’t worry! The Kingda Pump Group’s after-sales team is here to ensure your peace of mind.

Customer Support:

Kingda Pump Group has a 24-hour customer support hotline, ready to provide answers, technical support, and solutions to your questions. No matter where you are, we are dedicated to offering timely assistance.

After-Sales Service Network:

With an extensive after-sales service network, customers can easily access pump equipment maintenance and servicing anywhere, with a commitment to reaching project sites within 48 hours.

After-Sales Training:

Kingda Pump Group provides professional after-sales training to assist customers in correctly operating and maintaining pump equipment, reducing failure rates and extending product lifespan.

Spare Parts Supply:

We offer rapid spare parts supply services, ensuring customers can quickly obtain the necessary components when replacements are needed, minimizing downtime.

Warranty Policy:

Our product warranty policy is clear, implementing a “repair, return, or exchange” approach for quality issues until the problem is resolved. We are committed to protecting customers’ legitimate rights, ensuring that the product meets their expectations.

Regular Maintenance Plans:

With dedicated personnel and managerial oversight, our after-sales service engineers conduct regular proactive inspections. Timely correction of improper user practices ensures the prolonged performance of pump equipment and reduces maintenance costs. In the event of a malfunction, we prioritize resolving the issue to get the pump operational before proceeding with subsequent processes.

The after-sales service system of the Kingda Pump Group is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We strive to establish long-term cooperative relationships, provide added value, and assist customers in addressing pump equipment needs and challenges. Through our unwavering efforts, we believe customers can confidently rely on our products and services.

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