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  • Precise internal geometry
  • Extremely resistant to abrasion
  • Worry-free performance
  • Good working condition

Product Description

What is Lime Slurry?

it is a free-flowing product that can be used in a wide variety of industrial, municipal, and environmental applications. It is a versatile mineral that many industries use it. Is it easy to pump? Not so. It is difficult to pump because it is abrasive, corrosive, and has high viscosity. This mineral can be combined with other additives to make other metals. Lime slurry can be a key ingredient in mortar and even plaster. It is also known by other terms like LIMEWATER, CALCIUM DIHYDROXIDE, MILK OF LIME, PORTLANDITE, and many more. Choosing a pump for your limestone slurry is mainly determined by the size of the particles in your mixture. Limestone is carbonate sedimentary rock that is usually composed of skeletal fragments of marine organisms like mollusks, foraminifera, and coral.

Choose Kingdapump:

You can rely on Kingdapump when you’re searching for a supplier that can give you the highest quality pumps used for the lime slurry process. Using Kingdapump can provide several advantages when it comes to pumping lime slurries. It can ensure that it provide enough turbulence and flow to make sure that the slurry will not settle at the bottom of the pipeline.

Product Category

hydraulic limestone slurry pump

This pump has a unique sealing device that can effectively balance the pressure and outside of the chamber, making the mechanical seal maintain the balance. 

single screw limestone slurry

A single screw pump is an internal meshing closed screw pump. It has strong adaptability in the medium, which can transport fibrous solid particles.

durable limestone slurry pump

This pump is a heavy-duty pump. It can circulate limestone in flue gas desulfurization or FGD unit. It has many advantages pump as its structure design, low vibration, energy saving.

Centrifugal limestone slurry pump

This pump uses its centrifugal force by rotating the impeller to create kinetic energy in the slurry. Slurry applications can reduce the wear life of pumping components.

high-efficiency limestone slurry

This pump has an ultrawide viscosity range and an excellent energy-saving effect. It is often used in the metallurgy industry as a lubrication pump or oil supply system pump.

horizontal limestone slurry pump

This pump is usually or always installed in the ground. It is the most common type that pump owners use in many different applications. Suitable in an electric motor.

Product Advantages

precise internal geometry

The limestone slurry pump has an exact measurement. Even if the slurry is heavy, the limestone slurry pump can handle it because of its precise geometry.

extremely resistant to abrasion

Limestone slurry pump is extremely resistant to abrasion because it can withstand the wear and tear of friction caused by the mechanical parts.

worry free performance

This pump is worry free performance because it have a precise internal geometry, extremely resistant to abrasion and good working condition.

good working condition

It is in good working condition because it has no mechanical defects and operated as intended by the manufacturer.

how to choose the perfect limestone slurry pump for your needs

Durability and reliability are just some of the characteristics of the pump needed in pumping limestone slurry. Lime has the ability of nasty habit of scaling or forming a hard crust in the interior walls of pipes.  It can produce caustic chemicals in the pipelines, that’s why the pump owners need to immediately replace the pipelines to avoid a complete shutdown of the pump. but there’s a solution to that: Kingda, designed a pump that can handle this difficult situation. We produce or make pumps that can excel in the harshest applications and makes its superior pumps for lime slurry applications.

Limestone slurry pumps applications:

  • Power plants:

Gypsum slurries, Fly ash slurries, Limestone slurries, FGD systems

  • Fertilizer industry:

Transporting acid, Liquor, water, phosphate slurry, sewage, and many more.

  • Metal smelting industry:

Suitable for lead, gold, copper, cobalt, hydrometallurgical acid, silver, and manganese.

  • Chemical companies:

Alkaline, iron pink production, non-metallic mineral processing industries, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid.

  • Treatment:

High pure water, wastewater, food wastewater, sewage pharmaceutical industry, Papermaking, pure water.

Special features of our pumps:

  • Superior performance and high reliability and stability.
  • Simple structure, convenient and reliable operation.
  • It has a shaft seal that is specifically used in desulphurization technology.
  • It is easy to be installed and maintained without connecting clean industrial flushing water.
  • Bearing body of our pumps has a special advantage, it can adopt a tubular structure, that can adjust the bearing parts to change the position of the pump.
  • Excellent performance in corrosion-resisting and wear-resisting mediums. It can transport different PH medium.

Kingda Advantage

Kingdapump produces pumps since 1949. We have 378 sets of main production equipment and 73 sets of our special equipment. We have the production capacity of the whole manufacturing chain from model manufacturing, casting, heat treatment, machining, sheet welding, rubber lining, assembly, testing and etc.

Choose Kingda because we have:

Research and development

In terms of laboratory, Kingda proudly admits that we are the first slurry company that has a research laboratory in China. We also have an independent technology center that is set up in the factory, which only focuses is to producing fast product transformation from the latest technology. We make about 1000 kinds of slurry pumps. 

Quality control

With more than 70 years of innovation and development, Kingda has set up a standard operating procedure for many years. Our technical engineers strictly carry out step by step, and always check reports for each working procedure. Kingda will make all the efforts to offer pump solutions around the world with its unique and latest technologies.

Manufacturing capacity

Kingda invested over 100 million in manufacturing equipment, and now we are able to finish the whole pump production. We can guarantee that we can make their design, casting, manufacturing, and testing of the pump independently. So no need to worry, we can supply bulk orders. We have 100 metal cutting machine tools, 35 forging and welding equipment, 20 rubber lining equipment, 500 analytical instruments, and more than 480 computers forming a complete production process equipment system, with strong manufacturing capacity. 

Expert teams

Kingda engineers are devoted in Kingda company. They have rich experience in different industries that allow them to quickly find a proper pumping solution to meet various needs and work of the end-users. They successively introduced design and manufacturing technology. They became the leading player in the industry pump field.


Kingda slurry pump can provide slurry pump design and spare parts. Visit Kingda to see the full range of reliable and durable pumps for the lime slurry.

Kingda commitment:

Kingda offers services like:

Strict quality control:

Before leaving our factory, all performance indicators are strictly tested from raw materials to the production process, our professional team controls each process. Product quality is our foundation.

After-sales service:

Products sold, and their quality conditions of them are still tracked throughout the use process, and our engineers or technicians are guides when it comes to installation. We promise that we can unconditionally solve any quality problems with the pumps sold.

Pre-sales consulting service:

We recommend suitable products according to the actual working conditions and the needs of our consumers.  We customize and develop pumps according to the needs of our consumers, and we offer services remote detection technical support.

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Bottom FAQ

The lime slurry is not corrosive but abrasive as well, making its challenging to pump. Due to these challenges, pump manufacturers are constantly coming up with new designs for reducing the detrimental effects that lime slurry can have on their equipment and production rate. Some of these designs are slurry pumps, peristaltic pumps and many more.

You can rely on us to supply pumps of top quality for use in the lime slurry process. By providing a product you can rely on, we can help reduce your maintenance cost. Kingda pump is very proud that we can supply bulk orders and we are the company that can respond fast to provide the pump you need.

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