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  • How to choose the right pump


  • Different types of pumps


  • Considerations in selecting pumps


  • Specific application


about slurry pump, what is it?

Slurry pump– It is a type of pump that is able to pump fluid that has solid particles. It is one of the centrifugal types. This pump is capable of handling abrasive and corrosive particles because of its incredible design. The slurry pump’s main components are the impeller, casing, mechanical seal, bearing, and many more, it is made up of wear-resistant metallic that’s why it can be used in your specific application because of its excellent durability.

Kingda is a famous brand in terms of pumps. We offer different designs that are suitable for your particular application. You can ask our engineers on how to install it and our engineers also will teach you how to maintain it so that it will last longer. Don’t hesitate to visit Kingda.

components of slurry pump

bearing assembly
cover plate liner
casing cover

Product Advantages

high abrasion resistance
long working life
low energy consumption

how to select the right pump

Do you know that selecting the right pump is a huge advantage for pump owners? It can reduce maintenance, related downtime, and even repairs. When selecting the best pump for your application, you must know these 4 important things.

  • The average pressure that must operate
  • Flow rate
  • Suction lift
  • Typical fluid


It is not easy to know about these things but if you choose the right pump, it can help you provide the best performance and work with satisfaction. Purpose-chosen slurry pumps also have excellent wear-lives and can boost owners’ bottom lines.

specific application of slurry pump

The pump is used in our everyday lives. It is needed everywhere and also pumps are found anywhere but there is a specific application for every different pump. Slurry pump can be used in:

  • Metallurgy
  • Mines
  • Coal washing plant
  • Power plants
  • Dredging rivers
  •  Tailings
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Coarse sand
  • Mineral concentration
  • Heavy media

considerations in selecting pump

Pump owners notice selecting an excellent pump is not easy as they think. There are many things that pump owners need to consider. Maintaining the pump is one of the best solutions in order to make it last. It can extend the life of the pump and it is less hassle for pump owners. Following these steps can help also:

  1. Observe permanently the spot that makes the pump start.
  2. Lower the pump’s discharge pressure.
  3. Follow always the proper piping principle.
  4. Choose Kingdapumps.


We can guarantee that our pumps are super duty and excellent in your application. Don’t look for anything just choose Kingda.

Kingda Advantage

Our technical engineers have successively developed the design and manufacturing technology and become the leading player in the industry pump field. Kingda pump enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad.

different types of slurry pump

vertical slurry pump

Vertical slurry pump-   this pump is usually used in pools. It is designed to carry a great number of abrasive particles with high flows.

This pump can be used in different industries like construction and agriculture, paper plant effluent, and also in power plants.

horizontal slurry pump

Horizontal slurry pump- the shaft of this pump is parallel in its horizontal plane. It is a single-stage, single-suction axial suction. This pump is always installed on the ground. Usually, this is the pump that many people choose because it is the most common type of pump.

This pump is suitable for diesel-engine drives or electric motors.

submerged slurry pump

Submerged slurry pump– it is a pump that is vertical-single stage suction pump. Its impeller is semi-open. Its pump shaft can reach 800-2000 millimeters.

This pump is particularly used in cement plants, municipal engineering, dyeing plants and many more.

submersible slurry pump

Submersible slurry pump- its mechanical seal protects its motor, it prevents high-pressure water.  It’s an outstanding pump because it can pump any kind of sludge, raw sewage, slurry, or even heavy liquids.

A submersible pump is suitable especially in construction, mining, municipal applications, and also industrial.

kingda-the famous brand in China

If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer of slurry pumps, you are in the right choice. Kingda is one of the best manufacturers in China. We can provide various slurry pump products.

our service-Kingda

Kingda offers services like:

  • Excellent cost performance-we are providing our beloved customers high-quality products at very favorable prices.
  • Supply support capacity-our products is of good quality, and sufficient quantity.
  • Fast high quality service-the demands of our customers can be solved quickly.
  • Perfect quality control-We have a professional quality management and process inspection team.

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