Kingda Pump Group participated in the preparation of a new mud pump standard

A few days ago, the Kingda Pump Group and the Chinese authoritative organization jointly compiled the new mud pump standard CB/T 4532-2023 “Marine centrifugal mud pump”, which successfully passed the review of the National Marine Machinery Standardization Committee and was officially approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. China’s mud pump industry has taken an important step in improving the standardization level and promoting industry upgrading.

It is reported that in order to improve product quality, promote technological innovation in the field of mud pumps, and promote the entire industry to move towards higher standards. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the Third Batch of Industry Standard Development and Revision Plan in 2020” (Gongxinting Kehan [2020] No. 263), requiring the Kingda Pump Group with leading pump products to cooperate with China Shipbuilding Industry The Institute of Comprehensive Technology and Economics, Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard Co., Ltd. and other units jointly formulated new mud pump standards to help China’s mud pump industry become more competitive in the international market.

In the formulation of this new standard, Kingda Pump Group used years of technical accumulation and innovative spirit to fully consider the actual needs of the industry, and at the same time draw on international advanced standards, and introduced the latest requirements of IMO rules, CCS specifications and current national standards to ensure China’s mud pump manufacturing industry has reached the international level in terms of quality and technology.

The new dredge pump standard will cover a number of key areas:

First, specification of performance parameters. Clarify the performance parameters of various mud pumps, including flow, head, pressure, etc., to ensure the stability and reliability of product performance. Second, material and manufacturing requirements. The standard will stipulate the material, manufacturing process and assembly requirements used in the dredge pump to ensure the quality and durability of the product. Third, environmental protection and energy efficiency considerations. The new standard will emphasize the consideration of energy consumption and environmental impact of dredge pumps, and encourage the use of more environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies and materials. Fourth, safety standards. The new standard will formulate safety regulations for dredge pumps during transportation, installation, operation and maintenance to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Wenbo Zhang, Technology Department of Kingda Pump Group, said that as a leading pump enterprise in China, the company has always paid attention to technological innovation and product quality, and is committed to providing customers with excellent green solutions for fluid transportation. It is not only the company that participated in the formulation of industry standards The embodiment of technical strength and innovation ability is also the responsibility to provide higher quality products for the industry.

The release of the new mud pump standard has injected new vitality and development momentum into the Chinese mud pump industry. It is expected that this standard will play a positive role in future manufacturing, market competition, and technological innovation, and will also have a positive impact on the global dredge pump market.

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