Multistage slurry Pump

Kingda made different kind of high quality slurry pump one of this is multistage centrifugal slurry pumps.

  • Energy saving


  • Low noise and vibration


  • High efficiency


  • Low speed motor

What is Multistage Slurry Pump?

This is a multistage centrifugal pump definition, it has a very simple design relative to centrifugal pumps. In this wide variety of slurry pumps, it is very important to understand the differences between these slurry pumps. These pumps have limitations to the pressure that you apply. If you want to generate high pressure this multistage centrifugal pump can be used. The multistage centrifugal pump can be use at power plant, industrial circulating system, drainage and more .

Product Category

Horizontal Multistage Pump

Efficiency: 32%-84%
Weight: 78-3750kg

Multistage Water Pump

Head: 40-1900m

Multistage Centrifugal Pump


Product Advantages

High Efficient
Heavy duty
Smooth Operation
Low noise

How Does this multistage slurry pump Work ?

This pump has a similar design to any centrifugal pump several impellers rotate around the shafts, and it will enable the pump to reach the higher pressure it can be generated by only single impellers. All pumps have limitations, If the multistage impeller reaches a particular diameter, it is necessary to add impellers along a single shaft to generate more high pressure

Pressure capabilities

This multistage pump is selected when high pressure is required for the application, and it will exceed the capabilities of a single-stage pump. For example: The fluid need to be moved over a very large distance with friction loss happening it will only achieve via the multistage centrifugal pump. We ensure that this pump has high pressure capabilities to do their work us pumps.

Applications for Multistage Pumps

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Fire fighting
  • Irrigation/Drainage 
  • Water Circulation
  • Boiler feed
  • Heating/cooling conditioning

Kingda Advantage

We became the leading player in the industry pump field. At present, in China, our company’s slurry pump market share has reached about 60%, and the sewage pump market share has exceeded 30%.Kingda is China’s largest professional manufacturer of slurry pumps, water pumps and submersible pumps integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, and sales.



Certainly, it always depends on the pumps that you choose and what is the application type, you need to evaluate the factors of the pump like piping, energy usage, and labor if the application of the pump is for clean fluid generally the multistage would be recommended of all pumps.


It is depending on the pump size and also the quality, of course single stage pumps will be easier to fix as they have fewer spare parts, but also multistage pump has heavy duty feature that allows the pump to work enough running.


In terms of saving space, the multistage pump can save more on floor space because it can be installed in a vertical position. Even though the single pump can be installed vertically too but it will take a lot of space in series, unlike multistage pumps.

Kingda Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

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Slurry can be pumped to a maximum distance of 4 km.

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