Optimize performance of Your Slurry Pump

For most people in pump field must already have some knowledge of the slurry pumps, it is used to transfer and handle liquid with solid particle sizes from microscopic sizes to large rocks which has special request for the materials and design, the cost of slurry pump is higher than most of the normal pumps.

Slurry pump plays a very important role in the mining and mineral processing industry. In fact, throughout the mining operations, slurry pumps are critical in the effective transport of mining slurry across the plant. the running costs of slurry pumps are a significant component of the total production costs, it is estimated to be around 32%. Therefore, any failure to your slurry pump can bring your project to a grinding halt.
Even when the slurry pumps are imperative equipment of mine sites, you could always find the pumps are operated inefficiently, or in ways that will cause a working-life reduce of the pump. Optimizing the efficiency of your slurry pump not only requires the correct specification and selection of the pump, but also to ensure they are operated correctly during the whole production period.
So how to optimize the performance of your slurry pump?
It is recommended to follow the following tips: at first, specify and select a right pump and other equipment for your applications in the mining just as Kingda team has shared in before passages. Secondly, make sure the pump is operating at its best efficiency point flow rate. Finally carry out regular monitoring and maintenance to prevent any unplanned outages that will decline performance or inefficiencies.
Please note that different keys to different locks, you need take the slurry in to consideration always to make the best use of your slurry pump. Below are the important parameters that need to be considered in the slurry itself:
1.Solids concentration and the particle size, shape (angular, round, long and stringy) and hardness
2.Chemical compatibility and corrosive

Slurry pumps are usually operated 24/7,any failure of inefficiency in slurry pumping can have significant repercussions for the entire plant and project, which in turn affects the overall profitability of the mining operations. So finding a good slurry pump is very important, just get in touch with Kingda Pumps, we are world class pumping solution supplier, having worked with leading mine sites across the world. Kingda Pumps strong power to your career.

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