Evolution of Kingda Pump Group: Pioneering Excellence in Pump Technology

First Generation (1950s-1970s):

In 1955, Kingda Pump Group embarked on its journey by innovating and producing water pumps to support rural economic development. Overcoming technical challenges with a collaborative approach, they successfully manufactured 10HP 6-inch and 75HP 20-inch centrifugal agricultural pumps. This marked the beginning of Kingda Pump Group’s history in pump production.

In 1957, the group achieved recognition as one of the six major national water pump manufacturers with the successful development of the first impurity pump.

By 1969, Kingda Pump Group responded to the national demand for deep well pumps, introducing products like the 320WL sewage pump, 10PY-15 oil pump, and 250JQ80 submersible pump, addressing critical gaps in the country’s pump offerings.

The group’s pioneering work in developing the first-generation wear-resistant materials significantly enhanced the performance of slurry pump products, filling a void in the domestic market.

Second Generation (1980s):

In the 1980s, Kingda Pump Group elevated its capabilities by importing licensed technologies, notably introducing the Warman series slurry pump to meet the evolving needs of the domestic market. This move catapulted the group into international prominence, capturing 85% of the domestic market and establishing itself as a global leader in slurry pump technology.

The introduction of the second generation involved the import of advanced white cast iron wear-resistant materials, setting new standards for slurry pump components.

Third Generation (2000s):

Post-2000, Kingda Pump Group responded to the national initiative for river and lake remediation by developing the WN series dredge pumps with independent intellectual property rights. These pumps, ranging from 250mm to 1200mm in diameter, played a crucial role in major projects, including river dredging and large-scale suction vessels.

In 2010, the group received accreditation as a “Equipment Manufacturing Unit” from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Equipment Department, contributing to national defense by producing various pumps.

The third generation witnessed the development of proprietary wear-resistant metals, such as KB17 and KB04, known for their increased hardness and resilience.

Fourth Generation (Present):

In response to the rising demand for digital, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly slurry pump products, Kingda Pump Group invested in automation and intelligent technologies, unveiling the latest KSH series slurry pump. Ranging from 40 to 750 in diameter, with a flow rate of 10-9000 cubic meters per hour, these fourth-generation pumps incorporate cutting-edge design and green manufacturing practices to maximize efficiency and controllability.

The group continues to enhance its pump materials by introducing high-chromium cast iron, rubber, and other wear-resistant materials, utilizing advanced CFD hydraulic analysis software and CAE simulation systems.

Today, Kingda Pump Group not only provides standard slurry pump models but also offers customized solutions for specific applications, integrating green technology and materials to minimize environmental impact. With a global presence, the group has gained significant market share, earning industry acclaim for its exceptional performance, durability, and innovation.

As Kingda Pump Group continues to drive pump technology forward, it remains committed to making significant contributions to the industry in the future.

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