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Finding quality products? Choose Kingdapump, we are making different kinds of pumps specializing in the slurry screw pump.  Kingda is a reliable manufacturer of pumps since 1949. We can assure our customers of the best quality of our products.

  • Convenient use


  • Simple structure


  • Safe and reliable


  • Stable pressure

about slurry screw pump:


Screw pumps work with rotating screw rotors. This pump has two screw-shaped rotors to make the gas move on its screw axis. It belongs to the family of gas transfer pumps. It’s usually used in industrial applications like vacuum applications. It can also be suitable in the construction and chemical sectors. The screw pump is easy to use because it has many advantages for pump users like safe and reliable use, and easy maintenance.  The screw pumps is very suitable for slurry.

 Screw pumps are specifically designed in the automotive industry for handling fuel for any vehicle. It can be suited also handling liquids that have high viscosity. These pumps offered a wide range of applications. It can pump approximately 4 to more than 2,000 in an hour. It can even transport units up to 100 bar depending on its design.

As compared to other technologies, screw pumps are the best because it is very gentle and self-priming, and they can transport fluids without damage.

We are very proud that Kingda is now a leading supplier and developer of high-performance pumping solutions. We are making pumps that are suitable for your specific needs. Our engineers can help you with how does a screw pump work and how to use and maintain it.

Product Category

high efficiency screw pump

Structure: Single-stage pump

Pressure: Low pressure

Voltage: 380V

Horse power: 5.5kw

Suitable for: automotive industry, fuel industry

G-type screw pump

Structure: Single stage pump

Pressure:6.0 bar


Horse power:5.44HP

Suitable for: beverage industry, food industry

heat insulation screw pump

Structure: Screw pump

Pressure: Low pressure

Voltage: 380V-50HZ

Motor power: 1.1-90kw

Suitable for: Industrial boilers


Horizontal twin screw pump

Structure: Multi-stage pump

Pressure: High pressure

Horse power: n/a


Suitable for: Food and beverage industry and biofuel

single stage screw pump

Structure: Screw pump

Pressure: High pressure

Horse power: 0.75-37KW

Voltage: Customize

Suitable for: Mining industry, Wastewater industry

sanitary single screw pump

Structure: Gear pump

Pressure: High pressure

Horse power: 1HP

Voltage: 380V

Suitable for: Machining, Pharmaceutical

screw pump advantage

convenient to use

It is convenient to use because it can be suitable for many applications.

simple structure

Simple structure so it is easy to replace theparts that need to be change.

safe and reliable

These pump is safe and reliable because its gentle to use and its self-priming.

stable pressure

Screw pumps are in stable pressure so it is convenient to use and efficient in our works.

screw pump purposes:

Screw pumps can be used in a wide variety of applications:  It can be used in:

  • Pumping high viscous fluids in marine installations
  • Fuel
  • Hydraulics
  • Oil burners
  • Chemical industry
  • Lubrication
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food

In Kingda, we can guarantee that your pump is excellent to use because our manufacturing is processed by numerical control equipment that ensures the quality of the parts.

advantages of screw pumps

There are many advantages of screw pumps compared to other pumps.

  • Stable pressure
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple structure
  • Safe and reliable
  • Constant flow rates
  • Controllable output
  • Wide variety of application
  • Convenient to use

kingda superiority

Kingda is China’s largest professional manufacturer of slurry pumps including screw pumps. We are making our product in high-quality at very affordable price. We own the first slurry pump research laboratory, and we have a special product research center in our kingda factory area that adopts the most advanced technology.

main parts of slurry screw pump

driver screw

The driver screw is an important component of a screw pump. Why? Because it’s a spinning component of the screw pump. It’s connected to the motor driving shaft. It helps in the consistency of the fluid rate when pumping. The driver screws’ main obligation is to rotate the driven screw into the timing gear. The gentle axial movement of this screw have low clearance, with the help of this driven screw it can create a low shear effect. It is mainly made up of high-tensile steel. This can help the pump work life avoiding conditions that can contaminate the water and the negative impact on other machines connected in line.


The main function of the bearing is to keep the pump parts aligned. It can help the pump to operate heavy loads. When pumping different slurries, bearings are very important to sustain the screw pump’s heavy loads as well as axial and radial stresses. It is commonly used because its rolling motion can make all movements much easier and also it can help reduce friction and unnecessary problems. It also supported the structure of the pump assembly. When selecting bearing, there are several considerations that need to be kept in mind, such as friction, temperature, and lubrication.

timing gear

The timing gear is very important also because it helps the pump in order that the female and male rotor assemblies do not make metal-to-metal contact. It also helps put in place between the driver and the driven screw. Even if the pump is not working, the timing gear guarantees or ensures that no such connections are made. That’s how important the timing gear is. Timing gear also installed on a screw pump to verify such kinds of events.

kingda-the global leading supplier and manufacturer of different pumps

Finding high-quality pumps at a very affordable price? Don’t hesitate to try Kingda! Kingda is the most famous brand in China. We are producing a different kind of pump including the slurry screw pump. So, what are you waiting for? Choose Kingdapump.


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Bottom FAQ

An ah slurry pump is a vital piece of equipment for anyone working in the mining or construction industries. A slurry pump not only facilitates the movement of the slurry but also prevents the slurry from corroding the pump’s walls. It is built of high-quality components and is long-lasting.

The pump will not only facilitate the slurry’s movement but also prevent the slurry from corroding the pump’s walls.

A slurry pump is built of high-quality components and is long-lasting. The slurry pump is a vital piece of machinery for anyone working in the mining or construction industries. Anyone working in the mining or construction industries must own an Ah Slurry Pump!

Application Field

It is utilized extensively in the mining, coal, electricity, metallurgical, petrochemical, and building materials industries. In numerous applications, a slurry pump can transfer corrosive or abrasive slurries. Due to its extensive range of head and flow, a slurry pump is suitable for multiple applications.

The pump offers a wide range of sizes and materials to satisfy the particular requirements of your application. Because it can withstand high pressures and flows, a slurry pump is a workhorse in many industries.

It is the best option for your application if you require a dependable and effective way to move corrosive or abrasive slurries.

Slurry pumps are employed in numerous industries for several purposes. These pumps handle viscous fluids with a high solid concentration, from mining to wastewater treatment.

Therefore, selecting the appropriate slurry pump for your application is crucial to guaranteeing top performance and effectiveness.

Types Of Slurry Pumps

It is classified as centrifugal, positive displacement, or peristaltic. The most popular slurry pump is a centrifugal pump, which moves relatively clean fluids at high flow rates.

 Conversely, positive displacement pumps are more effective when pumping viscous or abrasive fluids at lower flow rates. Pumping delicate or shear-sensitive fluids frequently makes use of peristaltic pumps.

How do you choose the best slurry pump for your application when various varieties are available? The type of slurry being pumped, the pump’s size and capacity, and your application’s particular requirements all play a role in determining the response.

AH Slurry Pump

The ah slurry pump is the best option for individuals who need to transport huge volumes of fluids that contain a lot of solids. This pump is perfect for moving slurry since it can handle viscous and abrasive fluids. The ah slurry pump also has a lot of horsepower, allowing it to carry significant amounts of liquid without taxing the engine.

Furthermore, this kind of pump is vital to survive repeated use’s wear and tear. The ah slurry pump is the best option if you frequently need to transfer large amounts of slurry.

In pumping abrasive and high-density slurries, a particular kind of centrifugal pump is known as an AH slurry pump. Mining, oil and gas, and power generating are just a few industries that frequently use these pumps.

Additionally, dredging activities frequently employ them. A succession of impellers is commonly found on slurry pumps, contributing to increased pumping efficiency.

 Its lifespan may extend if the impellers are also made to minimize wear and tear. Always remember that selecting a slurry pump is crucial because slurry pumps come in various sizes and configurations.

An ah slurry pump is a particular pump to pump abrasive and high-density fluids. These pumps are frequently employed in mining and construction industries, where they are utilized to transport slurry and other materials from one place to another.

Slurry pumps are suitable for various applications since they are offered in some sizes and configurations. These are excellent options for pumping applications involving high-density fluids since they are designed to endure the wear and tear of abrasive materials.

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