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 Kingda is a small slurry pump manufacturers and supplier. We are providing you with a slurry pump design and spare parts. Guaranteed top-quality service.

  • Long service life


  • Small vibration


  • High efficiency


  • Energy saving


Product Description


These are the pumps that are small in size, but they are efficient and durable. They even have a wide variety that is capable of your daily application. Even if it’s small, it can carry solid particles from one place to another. The most advantage of it is that it is portable and lightweight. You can carry it anywhere without hassle. It is suitable for a pump for slurry.

Kingda is one of the best companies that produce small slurry pumps. Even with the different types of slurry pumps, Kingda can assure you that we can do it for our consumers with top quality and incredible services.

all about slurry pumps

Foam slurry pumps

Can pump: heavy foam and high viscosity slurry.

Suitable for: tough floating foam applications or even heavy-duty foam delivery.

slurry sump pump

Can pump: highly abrasive slurries or other minerals

Suitable for: different work applications like mining, mineral processing.

submersible slurry pump

Can pump: slurries and abrasive particles, mud or sewage

Suitable for: mining, metallurgy, chemical industries, dredging, and in power plants.

Vertical slurry pump

Can pump: coarse particles, high concentration slurries

Suitable for: metallurgy, electric power, building materials, environmental protection or any departments.

Heavy duty slurry pump

Can pump: severe corrosive and abrasive slurry particles or fluids.

Suitable for: mineral processing, chemical slurries, wet crushers, food processing and many more.

High head slurry pump

Can pump: corrosive/abrasive and high-concentration slurries.

Suitable for: electric utilities, copper, oil industry, agriculture, mining, and in many industries.

Product Advantages

energy saving

Consuming less significantly less energy. Reducing the amount of energy required to provide products and services.

high efficiency

A small slurry pump can do its own task successfully without wasting time. Produce its work with a minimum amount of effort.

long service life

Extremely the small slurry pump has a long lifespan as the battery management and low energy consumption.

small vibration

A small slurry pump has the advantage of having a small vibration because its size is small also.

small slurry pumps product material

Are you looking for the best small slurry pump that can handle slurry whose temperature is near the boiling point or even in higher gas content? Choose Kingda. Our pumps are made up of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic materials, that can handle more than just water. Because of its material our pump can be used even if the temperature is not usual.

description of small slurry pump

Small slurry pumps are designed in handling fluids that are coming from drainage water or anything that contains liquid waste that has solid particles. It can be used also in an industrial process that contains non-fibrous solids.

Our product advantage is it have leakproof that it can ensure that your slurry will not leak and can help you to do your task without worrying. This pump also can carry small solids particles like sand, leaves, and even mud.

small slurry pump applications

Kingda small slurry pump has long-lasting performance even in rugged conditions. It is designed that can handle high quantities of fluid. It can transport fluid to another place that has small particles of fluid. These are the primary workplace of small slurry pumps:

  • Dams
  • Dry wells
  • Canals
  • Ponds

Company Advantage

Kingda small slurry pumps made in China are of top-quality at very affordable prices. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of pumps. Kingda has been a pump industry leader and innovator since 1949. Kingda can deliver innovative pumping solutions to our customers all over the world.

"kingda convenience"

Quick response

Kingda owns China’s first slurry pump research laboratory and a special product research center in Kingda factory area that uses advanced technology to provide Quick and effective solutions. We have 378 sets of main production equipment and 73 sets of special equipment. The model manufacturing is processed by numerical control equipment, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of the parts.

capability of customizing pumps

Kingda works with customers to ensure the pumps and components they purchase are right for their application. We can provide various pump system design and installation services anywhere in the world. Kingda set up the largest pump test equipment and experiment station in China. We always believe that “To satisfy customers is our goal and to create a top-class product is our target.”

famous Industry engineers

Since the early 1980’s Kingda has successfully introduced design and manufacturing technology from world-class pump giants and has established itself as a leading player in the industry pump field. Kingda group has designed and developed many innovative products which meet the requirements of the market well and are very popular among clients. It mainly performs research and experiments based on the design theory, pump performance, abrasion mechanism, anti-wear material, and development of new products.

top notch brand worldwide

Kingda is the worlds leading supplier. We are a trusted pump supplier and have extensive experience in this field. Our company’s market share has reached about 60%. Kingda slurry pump enjoyed the high reputation at home and abroad. In addition, to providing products at competitive prices, we differentiate ourselves by working closely with our buyers as a business partner and assisting them with their requirements with our prompt, reliable, and satisfactory response.

kingda is the most excellent manufacturer of small slurry pump

We will guarantee that we will remain in the market for many years because we our making our pumps of top-quality and superior performance. Kingda is a reliable supplier.

one stop shop of small slurry pump provider. we offer services like:

  • Quote promptly: when you have queries or questions about our product, we can guarantee you that we will reply within 24 hours.
  • Full inspection: Kingda staff undertakes 100 percent meticulous inspection and testing of our products.
  • Decades of experience: Kingda has more than 10 years in service. That’s why we have a wide range of experience.
  • Competitive price: We offer the fastest and highest product at a competitive price.


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Kingda pump industry was founded in 1949. Kingda owns a total area of more than 300 mu, with a total construction area of more than 80,000 square meters. Please visit Kingda for more information.

We ship via land, sea, and air freight.

Kingda group can manufacture slurry pumps, sewage pumps, and submersible pump integration scientific research, design, manufacturing and sales.

Yes, we can provide relevant documentation including certificates, insurance, origin, and other export documents where required.

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