Specific Application of Submersible Slurry Pump

Discover how Kingda’s submersible slurry pump will solve your problem. These are heavy-duty pumps that are ideal for pumping a variety of heavy liquids containing solid particles. They can be used for various industrial, construction, and sewage applications, and those involved in these fields understand the value of submersible slurry pumps.

What is a Submersible Slurry Pump?

Submersible Slurry Pumps are intended for dewatering the most abrasive sumps and ponds used in mining and coal-fired power plants. The heavy-duty sump pump line has a modular platform in which conventional motors and wet ends can be connected to meet the customer’s voltage, flow, and head requirements.

This robust design is utilized worldwide to pump unclean water, diluted sludge, and abrasive slurries efficiently. With integral mechanical and optional jet-ring mixers, the solids will remain suspended, allowing for the most effective removal of oversized particles and avoiding the possibility of “sanding in the sump.

A Submersible Slurry Water Pump is essential to the mud removal process. They are generally used to regulate the solids in oil drilling, although they can also pump concentrated liquids and mud. The Submersible Slurry Pump, which processes the fluid, recycles the earth. They are designed to be highly efficient and last a long time. The Submersible Slurry Pump transports solid and liquid particles via the pipe, which are subsequently recycled and transported to the other critical pieces of mud treatment equipment.

Design Features of Submersible Slurry Pump
Agitator Impellers:

Submersible slurry pumps have agitator impellers in addition to primary impellers. It removes sludge from the water’s surface and increases the pump’s performance.

Wear-resistance Material:

The impeller and agitator impellers are high hardness, high-chromium cast steel, corrosion, and wear-resistant.

Submerged Pump:

The pumps are submerged in water.  Maximum energy will go towards throwing the sludge through the outlet.

Simplified Design:

The overall design of a submersible slurry pump is basic. It does not require an auxiliary stirrer or ejector mechanism, making it highly robust and cost-effective.

Mechanical sealed motor:

The motors of these high-performance pumps are protected by a mechanical seal that prevents high-pressure water and other impurities from entering the engine.

Other Design and Features of Submersible Slurry Pump
  • Simple modular design
  • High chrome 28 wet-end and optional CD4
  • Epoxy-painted cast iron motor housing
  • 2” to 10” discharge sizes are available
  • Selections up to 200 feet of head and 6000 GPM
  • Certified Townley rebuilds service.
  • Most sizes in stock
  • Optional mechanical mixers, jet ring mixers, flex hoses, check valves, and control boxes are available.
  • Super H (high temperature) motors can operate in fluids up to 90°C/194°F, depending on the application.
  • Pumps slurry with up to 50% solids.
  • Motor inlet cables are sealed in epoxy to ensure a leak-free seal.
  • Explosion-proof motors available
  • Impellers trimmed to the design point.
  • Motor cable lengths are available up to 100 feet
Specific Application of Submersible Slurry Pump in Different Situations
Minerals Processing & Mine Tailings Management

Submersible pumps manufactured by Kingda are widely utilized worldwide in the mining industry. The particularly demanding nature of this sector necessitates highly reliable pumps, and Goodwin submersibles do not disappoint.

Kingda submersible pumps are designed for mining and provide unparalleled design, superior material selection, and excellent construction quality. Capable of operating in slurry temperatures as high as 90℃.

Specific applications include:
  • Mine tailings dredging for reprocessing
  • Mine tailings dredging for dam maintenance and remediation
  • Hydro-mining
  • Dredge-mining
  • Acidic digestion
  • Effluent settlement pond cleaning
  • Minerals processing plants – tank and thickener cleaning
  • Mineral processing – concentration and separation processes
  • Mineral processing – filter press filling
  • Dewatering
  • Spillage remediation
Industry & Manufacturing

Many industrial processing units produce a dense slurry that must be delivered. Kingda Submersible pumps are designed and built to give the most dependable pumping solutions for thick slurry or liquid products at temperatures up to 90℃.

Specific applications include
  • Steelmaking – sinter plant effluent settlement pond clearing
  • Steelmaking – slag sump cleaning
  • Fertiliser manufacture
  • Papermaking
  • Construction project dewatering
Hydro-power Dam & Water Cleaning

Dams, lagoons, reservoirs, marinas, canals, and harbors are all prone to silt buildup. Submersible pumps from Kingda are suitable for safely and economically cleaning this silt.

Kingda submersible pumps, which can operate to submergence depths of 28m as standard (and considerably deeper if necessary), are frequently used for watercourse clearance.

Specific applications include

Marina desilting

• Harbour desilting

• Reservoir sludge removal

• Hydropower dam desilting

• Barge and ship offloading and cleaning

• Dry dock cleaning

Coal & Thermal Power

Submersible slurry pumps were built first for the coal mining sector. Because of their heavy-duty structure, Kingda pumps provide unrivaled performance in coal mining.

Pumps excel at coal and ash slurry management in thermal power plants and coal mining.

Specific applications include
  • Mine tailings transport
  • Open pit dewatering
  • Coal washing and dense media (magnetite) mixing
  • Effluent catchment/settlement pond cleaning
  • Coal grinding plant sump clearing
  • Bottom and fly ash
Agricultural & Farming

Agricultural activities can produce dense, heavy slurries that must be moved. Submersible Slurry Pumps are an excellent tool for this job. Their main function is to irrigate agricultural land. The pump is suspended above the motor, and a screen is placed between the pump and the motor to allow water to enter the pump.

It should be obvious that if there is little or excessive water going through the engine, it could catch fire or overheat. It is critical that the riser length be sufficient to keep the drum assembly and motor completely submerged at all times.

Furthermore, the fountain’s housing must be large enough to accommodate water flowing through the engine. Submersible pumps must have three-phase electricity when used for irrigation.

Specific applications include
  • Animal sewage clearance
  • Fishing pond desilting
  • Irrigation system desilting
  • Irrigation pumping
  • Vegetable washing plants
Understanding the Characteristics and Benefits of Submersible Slurry pumps

Understanding the capabilities and benefits of slurry submersible pumps explicitly designed for dewatering applications is critical. This is because pump features and advantages may differ amongst pump types, as they frequently have optimum applications better suited to some than others.

Given the difficult conditions in mining areas where they are deployed to perform demanding activities, it is only logical that submersible pumps have a standard set of appropriate features for their applications.


The efficiency of a typical submersible water pump will be higher than those of a slurry submersible pump. On the other hand, a high-quality slurry submersible pump can manage slurry particles and concentrations that would ruin a water submersible pump in seconds.

Another point of differentiation is the discharge head requirement and pump capability.” It emphasizes the importance of precisely specifying and matching the pumps to the application.

Essential items to remember are:
  • The discharge pressure,
  • both static head and back pressure,
  • pipe length, as well as fittings and bends,
  • Equally of great importance are the application requirements concerning the tonnacargolow required and product characteristics

Existing structures that the pipe work must avoid, rainwater and drainage, power limits, and chemical composition are all examples of external influences on the abovementioned factors. In each situation, the pump’s design and specification must account for initial setup and, if possible, future development or expansion.

Important Factors When Choosing Submersible Slurry Pumps

Finally, with a fundamental understanding of the pump and its benefits, one should be able to make an informed decision.

Several critical aspects must be addressed when choosing the right submersible slurry pump for dewatering, desilting, or dam cleaning. The first consideration is the amount of product that must be transported. The flow rate or tonnage will determine the size of the pump to start. Next, the discharge head determines the required power and the pump hydraulics. Equally important are the product features, such as clean water, filthy water, light slurry, and heavy slurry.

Slurry pumps are used to transport thick materials such as slurries and gravel. As the name implies, a slurry is a mixture of two or more components, such as water and crushed rock. Slurry pumps can transport thick materials from their source to the pump and downstream to their destination. This is accomplished by forcing the slurry through a conduit with a high-pressure water stream. After that, the slurry is driven through a series of valves and into the pump.

Slurry pumps, by definition, can pump high-viscous and solid-laden liquids without clogging. Slurry pumps are characterized by their ability to operate without stopping. They can be utilized in harsh conditions, such as mining and oil and gas extraction, but they are also helpful in other industries, such as dredging and oil and gas. Dredging is a process that removes sediment and debris from the bottom of bodies of water and is frequently used to keep shipping lanes open.


Submersible slurry pumps are heavy-duty, high-pressure, fully customizable sludge pumps designed to handle a variety of slurries and abrasive particles, mud, sewage, or lime slurries in seawater, rivers, and the mining industry. For best processing efficiency, use submersible sludge dewatering pumps with high chrome wear components. On the market, Kingda offers the deepest submersible, most incredible capacity, high head, long distance, heavy duty submersible seawater pumps.

Look no further if you need a heavy-duty submersible slurry pump to move waste slurries. Our engineers can help you find the best solution for your needs. Contact us right now!

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