What is a good slurry pump?

If you are an on-site technician for a slurry pump, it will be a very very important thing for you to note choosing a good slurry pump from the ever beginning, because a wrong decision will bring you continuous band-aided fixes, and it will drive you mad, so if you want to transmit your site into a low maintenance one, the solution will come as follows.

What is a good slurry pump?

Good is a kind of feeling and comments, so it is directly related to the performance and results, a good slurry pump should carry the designed slurry easily and provide superior wear life, reduced lifetime cost, and ease of ongoing maintenance. It should offer the longest MTBR (Mean Time Between Repairs) and the shortest downtime for maintenance, thus creating the best values.

How to design a good slurry pump?

Just as I said above, good is defined by the end-users, so a good pump should be designed with a customer-concentric focus and has referred the end-user experience, it should be closely related to the market and applications. Not only are these pumps designed for use in heavy-duty applications like mining, but they are also widely used in sand washing and recycling applications, and special areas including mill discharge, process plant, tailings, and other abrasive processes. This will ensure a good slurry pump could carry out the task successfully.

How to manufacture a good slurry pump?

slurry pumps are usually based on the working principle of centrifugal pumps. A good pump should maintain high efficiencies and be durable and reliable during the work process, so it needs extra effort during the production process.

The raw materials need to be highly resistant to abrasions, which reduces requirements for replacement parts and reduces downtime due to their superior durability. Then these ready materials should be used in a world-class manufacturing facility that is well ahead of customer demands to ensure high quality.

Much latest technology should be used during production, like special 3D modeling and simulation testing. The whole process will be carried out according to the SOP,  every single pump part will be tested separately and strict inspection is there always.

The designs that will benefit you in later maintenance

  1. The pumps are with liners available in different materials for greater chemical resistance and longer service life, you could just change them when needed.
  2. Cartridge-type bearing assembly and split casing for easy maintenance
  3. Molded impeller for stronger wear resistance and interchangeable wearing parts

After all, If you would like to know more about what pump is suitable and a good slurry pump for your mine site, get in touch with Kingda Pumps, please. Our team has vast knowledge and experience with local, national, and international mine sites. Kingda Pumps strong power into your career!

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