Kingda Pump Group organize Fire Safety Awareness Month Campaign

In an effort to enhance workers’ awareness of fire safety, disseminate fire prevention knowledge, and cultivate employees’ habits and emergency response capabilities, Powerful Pump Industry Group has initiated a series of distinctive, practical, and effective fire safety awareness activities centered around the theme “Prevention as the Priority, Life First” during the Fire Safety Awareness Month.

Fire safety training and emergency evacuation drills

In November, the group organized fire safety training and emergency evacuation drills. The group invited fire safety experts to explain fire safety knowledge to the employees. Using recent cases of typical fire incidents as a backdrop, the experts emphasized the hazards and consequences of fires, covering topics such as safe use of gas, electrical fire safety, and fire safety related to electric bicycles. Employees were taught how to prevent fires and respond to emergency situations.

Simulated a fire scene

Subsequently, fire safety experts simulated a fire scene in the factory area, allowing employees to understand how to safely evacuate in the event of a fire, thereby enhancing their evacuation and escape abilities. Fire extinguisher usage drills were conducted to provide employees with hands-on experience in using fire extinguishers, improving their emergency response capabilities.

During Fire Safety Awareness Month, Kingda Pump Group will also organize volunteer activities where employees will provide fire safety inspections and advice to families in need, further promoting a culture of fire safety.

The leader of Kingda Pump Group stated that the company has consistently been committed to creating a safer living and working environment for employees and the community, considering fire safety as one of the core values of the enterprise. The Fire Safety Awareness Month campaign has brought together internal and external forces to enhance fire safety awareness, instill fire safety habits, and strengthen the sense of social responsibility. In the future, the group will adhere to the firm establishment of a safety development philosophy, strengthen bottom-line thinking, continually identify and address risks and hazards, and effectively safeguard the safety of employees’ lives, property, and social stability.

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