Kingda Pump Group’s Green Manufacturing Platform: Rubber Workshop

As a leading enterprise in the slurry pump industry, Kingda Pump Group specializes in the technical research and product design of hydraulic performance, structural strength, dynamic modalities, wear mechanisms, and the shaping of wear-resistant materials for slurry pumps. Innovatively expanding on its existing foundation, the group has established four major platforms: the Green Design Platform, the Green Manufacturing Platform, the Green Testing Platform, and Green Pump Product Lifecycle Analysis and Management Platform.

Kingda Pump Group23 has consistently been the most authoritative solid-liquid two-phase flow theory product conversion base in China. Over the years, in addition to leading the development of domestic slurry pump standards, the group has also pioneered various wear-resistant materials specifically for slurry pumps, along with advanced production and processing techniques.


The rubber workshop of Kingda Pump Group currently houses three large flat vulcanization machines. Among them, there is one 4000T rubber flat vulcanization machine with a heating plate size of 3300×3500, primarily used for the production of large slurry pump overflow parts and extra-large rubber miscellaneous products.

The workshop also features one 2000T flat vulcanization machine and one 800T imported transfer vulcanization machine from Australia. The heating system, hydraulic system, and operating system of the latter all utilize Siemens operating programs. With high thermal balance accuracy, stable pressure, and energy-efficient and environmentally friendly features, this setup enhances the manufacturing process.

Rubber physical laboratory

The workshop is equipped with a rubber physical laboratory, housing the most advanced equipment in the country. This includes a TH-8201S servo computerized tabletop universal material testing machine with a capacity of 2T, MDR-2000 non-rotor vulcanization tester with a torque display of 0.001N•m, MV2-2000 intelligent computerized Mooney viscometer, MZ-A300 solid density tester with a weighing range of 0.005/0.01~300g and density accuracy of 0.001g/cm³, as well as a WX-76 Akron abrasion machine. These devices are used for the physical performance testing of each batch of products and materials to ensure the highest product quality.

Adhering to the low-carbon and green development philosophy, Kingda Pump Group remains committed to the development direction of technological and product innovation. The group actively collaborates with universities and research institutes, continuously increasing investment in research and development of new technologies and products to achieve product upgrades and replacements.

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