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Why we need Slurry Pumps in the Coal Industry

When people get coal directly from the mining area, most of the mined materials are of uneven quality and may be mixed with other ingredients, so we need do another processing. Which is always called coal preparation. It is the process of sorting good coal that meets the quality requirements of users from raw materials.

In terms of technology, coal preparation can be divided into dry coal separation and wet coal separation. Dry separation includes separation by air, screening, and manual separation. Wet coal separation includes hydraulic screening and heavy-medium separation. And coal washing is an industrial process that removes impurities in raw coal, or classifies high-quality coal from inferior coal.
In the coal preparation plant the raw coal will pass a complete set of process system, which is mainly composed of coal receiving system, raw coal preparation system, separation system, dehydration and demineralization system, slime water system and product transportation system. although there may be slight difference in different regions , the Slurry pumps used in this process are for the below purpose

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Coal Washing feed pump

Pump Type
AH series slurry pump

The main conveying medium of coal washery slurry pump is coal slurry water or coal water mixed slurry with magnet powder, which requires wear resistance, reliable shaft seal and stable performance

Based on the customer’s need and design, professional engineering team adjust the materials and the impeller of the pump to meet with the need,and offer proper suggestions for the clients to keep the pump working in a good condition

Customer benefit:
The pump and spare parts have good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability, now the system is ruining smoothly for a long time

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