Pumps For Dredging Industry

Why we need Slurry Pumps in the Dredging Industry
Rivers lakes and sea are where the life comes, it is the gifts of nature. They provide us with the various resources and carry the ships for easy transportation to realize the circulation of commercial goods.Anyway as time pass by, there are risks that the rivers will be blocked, and we also need finish Dredging and filling engineering to better utilize the resources.

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On rivers and lakes, we need dredging dredgers to clean up the river to protect the fountain of life, while maintaining the smooth transportation of ships. The role of dredging dredgers is mainly to clean the silt at the bottom of the river, keep the channel clean, widen the channel, prevent traffic jams, and facilitate the smooth passage of ships.

While in the sea, Dredging is needed to finish the construction projects, do the mining, carry out the environmental restoration , channel deepening, harbor remediation, filling , etc,.
All of these works need the help of dredgers, dredger is a kind of ship that is widely used in dredging and filling works. It usually have a rotating cutter device (or by high pressure Pump) around the suction pipe to cut and agitate the sediment at the bottom of water, and then use the suction pipe to remove the sand and mud, slurry then is transported to the designated area with the help of powerful pumping force. Its dredging, transportation, and unloading processes can be completed at one time. It is a kind of high efficiency and low cost way. In a word the dredger is a good underwater excavating machine.

There are many kinds of dredgers but the most important is the dredging pump, it is the key equipment in the dredger people usually call it the “heart” of the dredger.
A good dredger pump needs well deal with the silt which is with a high impurity content, so the suction power and a wide flow panel is must for them.

Kingda Projects

“Inai Kenanga” Trailing Suction Dredger

SDN BHD Shipyard Malaysia
Pump Type

The ship is designed to be with a capacity over 30000 m³ and the Pump need to be powerful and of big size .

With the help of advanced technology and based on the research laboratory, Kingda team finish the production of 1200WN, which is the largest Dredger Pump then,the capacity is 24000/30000m³/h, and the head is 72m/33m, well meet the need of the customer.

Customer benefit:
“Inai Kenanga” Trailing Suction Dredger is the largest dredger in Asia then, the ship runs well and the customer get good reputation because of this.

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