Pumps For Metallurgical Industry

Metallurgy, namely the the process of separating and concentrating raw materials, plays a more and more important role in the manufacturing industries because many new products raises higher need for the purity of the raw materials.

In this filed people use different physical and chemical processes to produce minerals and materials that to the standard and need. Generally speaking Metallurgy could be divided into two categories namely pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy.
Pyrometallurgy is to subject the ore or concentrate to a series of physical and chemical changes under high temperature conditions (using the heat generated by fuel combustion or electric energy or the heat released by a certain chemical reaction) so as to make the metal separating impurities to obtain metal, While hydrometallurgy is a science and technology that uses leaching agent to dissolve valuable metal components in ore, concentrate, calcine and other materials in a solution and then precipitate in a new solid phase, so as to carry out metal separation, enrichment and extraction.

Although hydrometallurgy is not so mature, it is more and more popular because the quality of raw mine is much down and there is a more and more strict control of pollution. There are many advantages of hydrometallurgy. It is able to handle raw materials of various quality which is with complex mineral; The effect of utilization of multi metals is good which means the higher value the raw materials the better;Less air pollution.

Slurry pumps for Metallurgical Industry is mainly used in the beneficiation and hydrometallurgy. It could provide high efficiency and makes the reaction easier. Although there may be some difference about the process, but the main pump usage could be as below:solution pump, feed pump, underflow pump, circulating pump, condensate pump, forced circulation pump, sewage pump. Pumps of these positions are important to the whole process and the need of the pump is different, so we need pay more attention to the selections of the pumps

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Pump Type

LC Chemical Process Pump& KWP Non-clogging Centrifugal Pump

The solution carrying by the pump is of different property as the processing going, begin with high solid content and high density,and some of specail PH and temperture, the Pump speed also need to be adjustable at different points

Kingda has developed many kinds of new materials which is which has a good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability, and together with the help of advanced technology and based on the research laboratory the Pumps well meet the need of the customer.

Customer benefit:
The pump is of high efficiency and work in good condition for longer time which brings good profit

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