submersible sludge pump

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  • Convenient and Portable


  • Efficient


  • Extremely resistant to corrosion


  • Less maintenance, more durability

submersible sludge pump

A submersible sludge pump is a pump that can be completely submerged in the water. Its motor is enclosed in an airtight seal and is close-coupled to the pump’s body. This pump pushes the water to the bottom and converts the mechanical energy into kinetic, which is then converted into pressure energy. The submersible sludge pump is ideal for pumping sludge and water mixed with solids . The main factors affecting of the longevity of the submersible sludge pump are the water quality, the quality of the pump selected , and the competency of installation. Industry averages show that this pump lasts up to 7 years. There are many types of submersible sludge pump like submersible mud pump, electric sludge pump, sludge sump pump,small sludge pump and many more.

Kingda submersible pumps are built from an excellent design that can be used in many applications and industries. We offer customizations like for example the sizes, power, and volume of pumps to be chosen by our customers and perfect for your exact need. We can guarantee that our pumps are easy to use and easy to maintain. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Product Advantages

convenient and portable

Extremely convenient because they are usually small and most of these pumps have a handle, so they are easily carried anywhere.


It’s efficient to use because it can easily carry anywhere, is extremely resistant to corrosion, and it is less maintenance.

resistant to corrosion

This pump is usually made out of material that is extremely corrosion resistant such as high chrome anti-wear cast iron A05.

less maintenance

This pump is low maintenance because its material is in high-quality that’s why it is going last longer.

the benefits using submersible sludge pump

  •  Less maintenance
  • Durable
  • Minimum noise
  • Space saving
  • Safety
  • Versatile
  • Extremely corrosion resistant
  • Convenient and portable
  • Self-priming and efficient to use

Two main types of sludge pump:

There are two main types of sludge pumps: 

It is widely used due to its ability to reliably pump effluent. It consists of a rotating impeller. These pumps can operate molecules as small as sand but they cannot bring about pressures higher than 1000 psi.

A positive displacement pump works by adding energy intermittently to increase pressure. It has more pressure than centrifugal pumps, but its flow rate is limited.

Where is the sludge pump used?

Sludge pumps are used for many pits dewatering applications in the mining, industrial, agricultural, and construction industries, which often require the regular removal of waste.

Company Advantage

Kingda pump corporation is a state-of-the-art pump engineering and sludge pump manufacturing company. We offer various models of pumps that can help us to solve any pumping problems. If you have questions about submersible sludge pump products, don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced pump specialists for expert guidance.

Kingda the most outstanding manufacturer of submersible sludge pump

Kingda aims to be a valuable partner for our costumer, and we commit to take action in sustainability in our industry and to deliver results to all our stakeholders in a safe manner. We focus on developing relationship-driven solutions and expanding your qualifications and expertise.

kingda pumps services

Great customer service is the best practice, valuing customer’s time, having a pleasant attitude, and providing our items of good quality.

  • We stock an extensive range of pumps and spares sourced from around the globe. Our technical service division manufactures and repairs pumps with fast turnaround, and we deliver anywhere in the world.
  • We provide expert advice and responsive service you can trust.
  •  We guide and partner with our customers to select the best pump for their installation.
  • We offer assistance technically to our industrial clients to commission and install the pumps effectively.

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Bottom FAQ

 It is a type of pump that can be fully submerged in water. Its motor is enclosed in its airtight seal and close-coupled to the body of the pump. This pump pushes water to the surface by converting mechanical energy into kinetic energy, then into pressure energy.

  • Submersible mud pump,
  • Small sludge pump,
  • Sludge sump pump,
  • Submersible slurry pump,
  • Electrical sludge pump,
  • Heavy-duty sludge pump.
  • Convenient and easy to use,
  • Efficient,
  • Resistant to corrosion,
  • Less maintenance.

Great customer service is the best practice, valuing customer’s time, having a pleasant attitude, and providing our items of good quality.

  • We provide expert advice and responsive service you can trust. and install the pumps effectively.

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