Things Beyond The Pumps In The Selection

The application of slurry pumps in the industries has greatly improved the efficiency and profit of the production. More and more people begin to be interested and in demand of it. Anyway to get a best solution of the slurry pump, in addition to selecting pumps with suitable parameters for application fields, we also need take the below things into consideration . The author suggests the following points.

The Quantity Of Pumps And Reserve Rate

1. Generally, only one pump is used for normal operation, because a large pump is equivalent to two small pumps working in parallel (referring to the same head and flow), and the efficiency of the large pump is higher than that of the small pump, so it is better energy-saving. Choose a large pump instead of two small pumps, but in the following situations, consider two pumps to cooperate in parallel: the flow rate is too large, and one pump cannot reach this flow rate.

2. For large pumps that require a 50% standby rate, two smaller pumps can be changed to work, one for standby (three in total).

3. For some large pumps, pumps with 70% capacity requirements can be selected for parallel operation instead of standby pumps. When one pump is broken, the other pump still bears 70% of the production need.

4. For pumps that need to run continuously for 24 hours, three pumps should be reserved, one for operation, one for standby, and one for maintenance.

Study More About The Whole Market

At present, as the largest and most complete production base, China’s Slurry pumps are advanced in design, reasonable in structure, high in efficiency, together with long life, and highly modernized. They are widely used in various pumping projects and enjoy a high reputation in the world.Anyway according to statistics, there are currently more than 200 factories specializing in the production of slurry pumps in China, and whats more, some brokers are hard to identify. Therefore, the inspection of Supplier Qualification should also be used as an important basis, and the following points need to be done.

1.Products quality

a. Provide users with high-quality products that meet relevant national standards, requirements, design and manufacturing technical requirements.

b. Take full responsibility for the quality of the equipment provided, including components, purchased accessories, etc.

c. Implement site supervision or third-party supervision system for important products.

2.Leading time

A fast leading time should be promised and carried out the shipment as agreed in the contract.

3. Implement life-long service.

a. Ensure that important technical data for operation and maintenance are provided to users timely according to the contract.

b. Experienced engineers and technicians are selected to provide technical services on-site in time to guide installation and commissioning in accordance with the the contract or user requirements.

c. Offer technical and operation training such as equipment installation, commissioning, operation. Maintenance help will be available in accordance with contract or user requirements.

d. After receiving the user’s response to the quality problem information, a reply is made within 24 hours, as long as the user is not satisfied with the quality, and the service will not stop.

Kingda Advantage

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At the same time, the company work actively to meet with international standards and has successively passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO18001 certifications.

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