Kingda Series High-Head Slurry Pump for Mining Technology

High-Head Slurry Pump: What is It?

The High Head Slurry Pump is a heavy-duty, cutting-edge slurry pump that move abrasive and high-density slurries in mining and heavy industry.

Filter press feeds, and pipeline transport staging pumps are just two uses for the 4/3E-HH High Head Slurry Pump. These pumps are among the toughest in the slurry pump series due to their high heads and more durable wear parts.

Because of the H series slurry pump’s large head and the exterior’s extensive ribs, just one pump can go to more promising prospects.

The H series high-head slurry pumps have the best overall operating cost. They are end-suction, split-case, and centrifugal slurry pumps that have an excellent wear life and keep their efficiency during the wear cycle.

The High-head slurry pump is for different industries, such as the discharging

  • from ball mills and rod mills,
  • nitric acid slurries,
  • coarse sand and tailings,
  • phosphate matrix,
  • mineral concentrates,
  • pulp and paper,
  • FGD, and
  • wastewater. and a lot more.

The wet end’s bulkier sections can handle the field’s most demanding applications.

Description of Kingda Slurry Pumps

Slurry pump is helpful for many applications, including the delivery of acidic substances. The abrasive slurries are utilized for mining, dredging, and sewage activities, particularly treatment.

Design and materials distinguish slurry pumps from other pumps. Choosing a slurry pump requires careful consideration, or its service life may be compromised.

Slurry Pump Specifications
  • High concentration, with weight and volume concentrations reaching 60% and 70%, respectively;
  •  Comprehensive performance is good, high head: long distance and high head transportation; the single set head can compare a maximum of 120m; used in series, in meeting the higher head requirements.
  • High flow rate capability: 3400 m3/h is possible;
  •  Good passing capacity: The largest passing particles for a gravel pump are 380mm;
  • Outlet sizes range from 1″ to 22″ in diameter.
  •  They are for mining, coal, metallurgy, electrical power, and construction industries.
  • Widely used materials with high corrosion and abrasion resistance are optional: metal flow components include (Cr27Mo), (Cr30MoNi), (Cr30MoNiCu), and rubber material, among others. PH range of 1.0–14.
  • Our business has an ISO certificate, and all our pumps comply with International standards.
Technology Center and Application Lab

The Kingda Group runs China’s only impurity pump research facility. This building is for the pump industry. It researches pump performance, wears mechanisms, materials that don’t wear down quickly, and making new products.

In the plant, the organization of an independent technology center is to make the most of the technology. Its main goal is to work with well-known schools and universities in China, like Tsinghua University, to change products that use the latest technology.

The company’s sustainable development will help keep a close eye on the percentage of product R&D investments. This gives new product development a boost. Kingda has six series and 100 new high-efficiency and energy-saving products. It has started a new career and is traveling.

Mining and Metallurgical Industry Slurry Pumps

Slurry pumps are used a lot in the mining and metallurgical industries. They remove water from mines and mills for concentrators, carbon agglomerators, and tailings. Traditional centrifugal pumps find it extremely difficult to pump these high-solid slurries. Uninterrupted operations are becoming increasingly important.

Service life and less maintenance for uninterrupted functions are becoming increasingly important. So, it’s becoming increasingly essential to use a reliable slurry pump to ensure the pump lasts longer and needs less maintenance so it can keep running.

In mining terms, slurry pumps are called feed pumps, transfer pumps, and tailing pumps. The transfer pump moves the thickened slurry to the following process or equipment. It is appropriate for intermediate or final conveyance. As its name suggests, the feeding pump moves the first mixture, which has a high amount of solids, into the processing tank.

 The Tailings pump moves slurries that can only be used indirectly for production because they need more good components. But as science and technology get better, it makes sense for production to grow, and it becomes possible to use the tailings in more ways.

Shijiazhuang Kingda Industry Group Co., Ltd., the company that makes Qiangda pumps, combines scientific pump research, design, manufacturing, and sales.

Kingda Items

As a large platform, Kingda also has a wide range of auxiliary products, such as wear-resistant valves, diaphragm couplings, cyclones, control cabinets, and so on. The consequences of Kingda include specific slurry pumps for Shield Tunneling machines, Sewage pumps, submersible pumps, petrochemical pumps, flue gas desulfurization pumps, dredging pumps, etc.

All of the items are successful in their markets, but slurry pump products have some of the highest market shares in the sector. The company currently holds a market share of the following;

  • thermal power,  
  • flue gas desulfurization,
  • environmental protection,  
  • engineering,
  • sewage treatment,
  • urban water supply irrigation,
  • petrochemicals,
  • building materials,
  • and many other enterprises and fields.

Kingda offers full-process and life-cycle pump solutions. We promise to give you the best products and services, from the beginning of your project to the care of pump items after they are sold.

Why Choose Kingda?

It has a lengthy history and extensive experience. Because the group is so interested in the industrial pump, they have learned a lot about it and are ready to deal with any problems that may come up. The company has ten lines of innovative slurry, submersible, and sewage pumps. Through digestion and absorption, it has become possible to make a lot of things in a short amount of time.

Overseas department to serve its international customers better. Using domestic production bases, this department would actively research the global market.

The service team of the new department has decades of experience in overseas trade. They have a thorough understanding of products and welcome any consultation. Choose Kingda and pump strong power into your career.

Personalized Response to Each Pump Requirement

According to its philosophy of serving customers and growing alongside them, the Qingdao group offers specialized solutions for all slurry pump requirements. Years of consumer feedback have helped us improve how we do them. The Kingda Group, which specializes in large-scale slurry pumps, gives your career great power.

Quality of the Equipment

It delivers high-quality goods that meet the contract’s provisions, relevant national standards, and design and use conditions. Providing high-quality goods and services to a clientele that meet the needs of the agreement, applicable federal standards, and requirements for design and use puts lifelong service into practice. For crucial products, a third-party oversight mechanism

Regarding Delivery

reduces the time clients take to get the product and fulfill the delivery. The company sends skilled engineers and technical experts to the site to help with specialized services. It helps that professional engineers and technical experts are available to provide technical assistance. It says that if a customer has a problem with the quality, they will get a response within 24 hours and a solution within 48 hours. The service will keep going if the user doesn’t like the answer.

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