Kingda Industrial Group Inspection and Testing Plan

Kingda Industrial Group Inspection and Testing Plan
In order to better control product quality, each Kingda pump has undergone numerous tests. These tests run through the entire production process to ensure that it meets industry standards, international standards and end-customer requirements. The specific process and methods will be briefly described in this article. For more information about these specific standards, please feel free to contact us and leave a message, we will come to your questions anytime.
1. The draft drawing and pump design stage. the control purpose is mainly achieved through size verification and customer’s confirmation, we will offer different designs according to the users’ need.
2. The raw material stage. Material sampling and laboratory analysis and testing of raw materials are required (the factory is equipped with a full set of equipment which allows the process could finished inside the factory);

3. The casting and processing stage. There will be strict quality inspection to ensure that each component meets the tolerance requirements; and surface treatment is also done here.
4. The mechanical workshop will conduct full process inspection of every core component according to the need and design,and these work will be noted down for later reference and the dynamic balance of the impeller will also be inspected by special equipment during this process
5. The assembly. Every step will be carried out in accordance with the standard operating procedures formulated by the factory to ensure that the design requirements are met; At the same time, the hydraulic pressure test of the whole machine will be done according to the requirements of the drawings, and the pressure holding time can be appropriately extended to 30 minutes according to the requirements
6. The performance test of the whole Pump, including performance test, pump bearing temperature test, cavitation test, noise test, vibration test, etc., to ensure that each ex-factory equipment can run well under the design conditions;
7. The final inspection of the whole pump is carried out followed by, mainly including packing list, technical data and box parts inspection; painting inspection of the whole pump; nameplate, mark, packaging and appearance inspection; completion report, providing inspection records of assembly completion.

Kingda Group will form an ITP report for each pump that leaves the factory, including pump components, pump assembly and conformity, allowing users to know the production of each Kingda pump well, and we do believe this will make a good base for the cooperation.
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Kingda‘s Strict Quality Control

The whole process of a finished Kingda Pump is under strict quality control from the initial raw materials to the whole pump performance test by our QC&QA team with their years of  experience

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