kingda-abrasive slurry pump

In Kingda you can determine what pump is suitable for your application. We can offer different pumps that is anti-abrasive. Kingda is the perfect manufacturer you’re looking for.

  • Low power consumption


  • Long wear life


  • Reliability in operation


  • Wide range of application


Product Description


-It is capable of rubbing and grinding hard surfaces to polish or clean them and it can be applied in a substances or materials.


It is not an easy task for pump owners. It is difficult to pump because it can cause the pump to wear especially in the pump parts. The mixture of this abrasive material is silicon carbide and boron carbide (e.g) that is suspended in water or oil. Usually, it is suspended in the liquid medium, particularly in its tool face and its workpiece. An abrasive slurry pump is one of the main fundamental uses of circulation of abrasive slurry. This will be circulating the abrasive slurry solution.

Kingda products:

We offer a wide variety of slurry pumps like anti-abrasive slurry pumps. This abrasive pump can be used in slurry pumping. Contact us for more information.

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Product Advantages

low power consumption
long wear life
reliability in operation
wide range of application

Slurry pump parts or spare parts

These are the parts of the slurry pumps. It includes:


When it is well maintained, it will last longer. Of course, when you only buy at Kingda we can guarantee you that it is of high-quality, and your pump will have an unlimited lifespan depending on how you use and maintain it.

abrasive slurry pump application

You can find the best solution for abrasive liquids only in Kingda. We all know that often materials are highly abrasive, but Kingda assures that our pump can be used in abrasive fluids. The best applications of our pumps are:

  • Automotive industries
  • Aerospace industry
  • Electronic industry 
  • Renewable energy sector


 Kingda works on developing our pumps making them the best, especially in abrasive fluids and materials. We are making our pumps in a high process that can lead to a long lifetime and the best performance, specifically in abrasive liquids.

challenges in pumping abrasive slurry

Pumping abrasive slurry is not an easy task. You will need to bear in mind that this is a difficult task. Why? Because it can often wear down the pump and its pipeline components. Usually, the parts that are easy to wear are its impeller, wear rings, shaft sleeves, and volute.


Tips on making the pumps well-maintained:

  • Check regularly the pump parts and replace them when there’s a minor problem
  • Follow always the piping instructions
  • Minimized downtime- enhanced performance
  • Protect the pump unit from high temperature
  • Buy only in KINGDAPUMP

kingda production capacity

Kingda has 100 metal cutting machine tools,4 large CNC vertical lathes for cold working 8-12 meters, 35 forging and welding equipment, 20 rubber lining equipment, 500 analytical instruments and equipment, and more than 480 computers, forming a complete production process equipment system, with strong manufacturing capacity.

kingda-the first slurry pump manufacturer in China

number 1 brand in China

At present, in China, our companys slurry pump market share has reached about 60%, and the slurry pump market share has exceeded 30%. Kingda pump enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad. We have a model manufacturing that can process numerical control equipment, that is capable of effectively ensuring the accuracy of the parts: the casting and melting equipment.

best industry experts

Since the early 1980s, Kingda become a leading player in the industry pump field because it is a global leading supplier and developer of high-performance pumping solutions for mining, aggregates, mineral processing, dredging, tunneling, water treatment and other industries that involve slurry or sewage.

costumized kingda pump

Kingda could provide various pump system design and installation services for any enterprise anywhere in the world, we will offer the most suitable solution for your pumping projects. With more than 70 years of innovation and development, Kingda is now a leading enterprise possessing 100 major categories and about 1000 kinds of advanced slurry pumps, Kingda will make all the efforts to offer pumps solutions around the worls with unique and unchallenged technologies.

fast and effective solution

Kingda owns the first slurry pump research laboratory in China and has a special product research center in the Kingda factory area, which adopts the most advanced technology to provide a fast and effective solution. Kingda has set up a standard opera procedure for decades for all our team members to strictly carry out step by step, and the detailed check reports for each working procedure could be witnessed by our partners and end users.

The Best Pumping manufacturer in china

At present, Kingda pumps are exported to all major countries and regions such as Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Australia where they are widely accepted and highly recognized by the market.

our service-kingda pump

  •  Strict quality control

An expert team and special equipment will carry out the quality inspection from the ever beginning, from the material to the balance, and finally the whole pump property testing.

  • Various materials available

Kinda pumps adopt different materials for different mediums to meet the requirement of work conditions, including gray iron, cast steel, stainless steel, copper anti-wear, and anti-corrosion materials.

  • Standard manufacturing process

Being devoted to the slurry pump for more than half a century, now Kingda has its own SOP for all the production processes to make sure high quality and stable supply.

  • Highly advanced design

With the help of our special software and advanced hydraulic models at home and abroad optimize the impeller and pump body design, which can reduce hydraulic loss and improve efficiency.

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We ship via land, sea and air freight.

Yes, we can provide relevant documentation including certificates, insurance, origin, and other export documents where required.

 We can manufacture slurry pumps, sewage pumps, and submersible pumps integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, and sales.

 Kinda pump industry was founded in 1949. Kingda owns a total area of more than 300 mu, with a total construction area of more than 80, 000 square meters. Please visit Kingda for more details.

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