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  • Can transfer many kinds of fluid
  • Good working condition
  • Superior performance
  • Long time energy

ash slurry pump, what is it?

Ash slurry pump

is a pump that is mainly designed to pump liquid that has solid particles like ash. This pump can be customized in design and constructionto be adjusted in different multiple types of slurry depending of the slurry (concentration, size, shape, and composition of the solid particles). The advantage of this pump you can use it in long-term performance and have good working conditions. It can handle large quantities of corrosive and abrasive slurry that’s why different industries depend on this pump in all their pumping solutions. It can be widely used in many different industries such as mining, electric power, metallurgy, chemical plants, hydraulic engineering, coal mining, and many more.

What is slurry?

It is a mixture of solid particles that are suspended in a liquid medium(eg. coal ash). It has two types the non-settling and the settling slurry.

Settling slurries: it is unstable mixtures that tend to settle at the very bottom.

Non-settling slurries: They have very fine particles that can remain in the medium of liquid for a long time.

These 2 types need to require careful selection in handling equipment. 

Kingda manufactures high-quality ash slurry pumps for your specific needs. With our technical expertise, top-quality, and competitive price, we got an excellent reputation among our beloved consumers and we will assure you that we will do our best to continue to serve all our customers all over the world.

main applications:


Mining needs various pumps to move slurries and fluids from one part of the mine to another. It also helps to collect lots of waste in mining places, debris, and even liquids.

electric power

A pump is used in electric power to circulate the power around the systems. The operation process of the pump is dependent upon many energy sources such as electricity.


Metallurgy is the process of separating and concreting raw materials, plays a more and more important role in many industries. Pumps are mainly used in the metallurgy field. 

chemical plants

Pumps are the workhorses of different industries, and they can be effectively applied to many fields such as chemical industries. Its role is to transfer chemicals to another place.

hydraulic engineering

Pumps are very useful in hydraulic systems. Its main role is to transfer or transport water from one place to another. Its also used in storing and controlling water.

coal mining

When mining, water will travel to the lowest point. Kingda pumps are used to move this water to its central basin where it is pumped aboveground for its treatment.

Product Advantages

good working condition
long time energy
superior performance
can transfer many type of fluid

needs to consider when selecting a pump

 Are there benefits when you choose the right pump? It’s a big YES!  When you choose the right pump you can avoid unnecessary repairs, maintenance, or even wear of the pump. Here’s the guide when choosing the right pump:

  1. Choose the pump that is best for your application.
  2. Analyse pump curves to identify the very best option.
  3. Select a pump that can operate excellently without clogging the pump pipe.
  4. Choose a pump that can be used for wide purposes.
  5. You can select the best pump when you calculate the total dynamic head for that specific application.
  6.  Lastly, Choose KINGDAPUMP. In Kingda, you can choose the pump that is perfectly suited to your application and at the very best quality but an affordable price. Kingda is the most famous brand in China in ash slurry pumps.

components of slurry pump:

Every part of the pump is very important. The pump parts can last longer when it is well maintained. These is the main parts of the pump:

  • Impeller

is the main rotating component of the pump.

  • Casing

it contains the wear-liners, and this is the one that provides high-pressure operation.

  • Shaft and Bearing Assembly

It is the house of a removable bearing cartridge.

  • Shaft sleeve

is a hard and heavy-duty part that protects the shaft.

When you run pumps in your works, you will also need to face some challenges. It includes the expected wear of the pump, leaks, and turbulence, and also the right parts when replacing the old ones. Even if pumps is a small part of your work, they need to operate excellently to guarantee that your work runs smoothly.

applications of slurry pumps:

Slurry pumps are the most choice of pump owners because they can be used for wide purposes. These are the examples of the most common applications that slurry pump can be applied:

  • Supplying water in different areas
  • Boosting pressures
  • Circulation of hot water
  • Sewage drainage
  • Fire protection systems
  • Boiling water regulation

Company Advantage

Kingda has a team of professional engineers that can help you provide professional technical services. You can tell us your plan, we will assure you that we will customize your pump, we are 24 hours available to solve any problems and also, we can provide online guidance. Kingda also is an ash slurry pump manufacturers. We can guarantee that we can provide you with the best pump ever.

product category

best durable ash slurry pump

Pressure: High pressure

Application: Different industry

Power: Electric

Structure: Single-stage pump

ash and boiler slag pump

Pressure: Low pressure

Application: Mining industry, wastewater, and more

Power: Electric

Structure: Single-stage pump

Excavator hydraulic ash slurry pump

Pressure: High-pressure

Application: Machining, Wastewater, and more

Power: Electric

Structure: Single-stage pump

Centrifugal transport ash slurry pump

Pressure: High pressure

Application: Different industry

Power: Electric

Structure: Single-stage pump


kingda- top notch brand in China

Kingda is a reliable manufacturer of slurry pumps. We customize your pumps for your specific needs. 


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Bottom FAQ

It is a mixture of solid particles that are suspended in a liquid medium. It have 2 types: the non-settling and the settling slurries.

Yes, we can supply relevant information or documentation including our certificates, insurance, origin, and other export documents where required.

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Kingda manufactures different pumps including the ash slurry pump. We offer to customize your pump to your specific needs.

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